Endorphins Make You Happy

Ok so this is the first official post.  I shall introduce myself, my name is Sara and I’m addicted to running (ok that sounded like something I’d say at an addict’s meeting).  Anywho, I am a sophomore in college currently and I run cross country for the school team.  Running is pretty much my life, besides my best friend Kipp who destress me whenever I need him to I use running as therapy.  It really is the best thing and I will tell you why by using a quote from Legally Blonde :

“Brooke helps people work out,

working out gives you endorphins,

endorphins make you happy. 

 Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.”

It’s a true fact; endorphins help keep me from punching or killing random annoying/infuriating people in my life.  It is also a great time to just think.  Whenever I have a problem if I go for a run it always has a way of working itself out in my mind.  Also, I’m a runner and I think running is fun, if you aren’t a runner you might not get it necessarily, but trust me it’s totally worth it.  I don’t think I have much to say right now due to the fact that this is the first post and my brain is kinda fried from trying to set this thing up so I believe I shall just leave this for now. TTFN.


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