I’m a mystery even to myself

So I had a race last Saturday and after about the first mile I had this bad pain in my heel.  It hurt so bad that every time I took a step I thought I was going to cry.  I finished the race and it didn’t bother me.  I ran all this past week and I didn’t think anything of it because it didn’t bother me.  Yesterday though I was running on the treadmill with my friend and it started to bother me so I went to the trainer downstairs.  I was given a heel wedge to put in my shoe  (I have vibrams btw) and he told me to run on it for like half a mile.  It didn’t bother it with the heel wedge on but it totally altered my gait and it made my foot slip around while I ran.  I went back down and I was like; “Um,yeah I can’t run with this.”  I was pretty much told that I was a mystery to him.  And I was just like:

Fyi, that’s my ‘I don’t know face’, except I’m not like 10.  Anywho,  the trainer and I were pretty much shooting the breeze and commiserating on how we were completely unsure as to what was going on.  I told him I usually fix my own injury problems and he jsut laughed and said most runners do.

Then we started talking about my shoes which are vibrams:

My vibrams are gray with with blue between the toes.  They’re my second pair.  The first pair I got was last November the day before Thanksgiving.

Walk down Memory Lane:

I had been running barefoot a good amount of the time up until that point and my mom wanted me to get something to wear on my feet so that I wouldn’t cut my feet on anything.  I was told to gradually work my way into wearing them.  So the next day I ran a 6 mile race with them on :).

I’ve been wearing them ever since and I now only have one pair of sneakers for the random times when I need them to do house work or something.  Well, I ran in my last pair so much tha t I totally wore them out and hence my new pair.  Which I didn’t get to start using until after my stress fracture, but that is a story for a different day.

Oh I had a race today, well it was more of a scrimage.  And compared to last year when I sucked greatly with my running I did really well.  However, with my times thus far I don’t think it was that amazing.  Once again, a story for a different day, maybe tomorrow.  That is all for now. TTFN.


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