My feet get Claustrophobic

So for the past day and a half it has been relatively nice outside considering Potsdam weather is usually bipolar.  So anywho, I decided to be all jazzy today and wear my moccasins which are totally beginning to smell.  Bleh.  However, it was so nice today that I decided to go for a barefoot run, like so:

 Except, you know, my legs aren’t as manly and muscular as this.  It was such a nice feeling being able to take my shoes off and run.  I think we might have covered this before but my feet tend to get a bit claustrophobic.  Like no joke they start itching to be removed from whatever footwear I might be sporting at the time.  The nice weather just increased this feeling and so I decided to give them a bit of fresh air.  Which might be too much information on the habits of my feet, but oh well there it is. 

Anywho, besides the claustrophobicness of my feet not much amazing has been going on with my life.  Oh, I should probably mention now that I am joining a sorority in case anyone out there has something agains them and does not wish to associate with me anymore, it’s ok I completely understand.  Anywho I believe that that is all I have to babble on about for now especially since I must get some homework done.  TTFN.


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