Being sick=Creepin time!

So I’m starting to get sick again, but I mean who isn’t?  It is definitly the season for it.  So anywho, you know when you’re sick and you ache all over and all you want to do is lay down? Yeah I do that, which enables my addiction to facebook creep. 

You can totally judge me right now.

Anywho, I mean facebook kinda encourages creeping with the way it’s set up, but that’s totally besides the point.  My point is that when I’m sick I do really random stuff such as facebook creep, watch random tv(which Idon’t normally do), and I get the wacky idea that the best thing for me, instead of rest and medicine, is to go on either long runs or short hard runs.  Which is what I did today.  I did a quick 2 miles and by the end I was definitly sweating hard.  Not to say that I haven’t broken a sweat the past few days but this was definilty a tough run.

Mental Toughness:

My run today ended up being one of those cleansing runs where I just let everything that was bothering me out onto the pavement. I looked kinda like this:


  Ok probably more like this:

Which to be honest was more water from the fire truck than actual sweat after that Tri, but I think you get the picture.





Anywho, it was pretty much a complete mental run today, besides getting rid of all the things bothering me I also had to mentally push myself to get the job done.  Being sick at the same time as trying to run really didn’t help.  I thought I was going to die the whole time and I felt so slow that I could’ve sworn someone had tied a rope around me and was pulling me back while I ran.

So once again you’ve gotten to hear me babble on about random things that you probably don’t care about/running stories about my life.  I hope someone was at least partially interested :P. TTFN.



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