True Life: Running is my Medicine

True fact: Running makes me feel like I’m 100%

Not going to lie I was feeling pretty crappy this morning and to be honest I was very cranky.  I even snapped at my bestie (Kipp) who I never snap at due to my overall crappy mood.  God bless the man that he puts up with all my crap even when I get mad at him for no reason.  He’s a pretty awesome friend, and he has this girlfiend named Kathyrn and they are so cute together that it is ridiculous!

Anywho,  I waited till after my last class today which didn’t end until 3:15 and then I went for a run.  I thought it was going to be another short 1.5 mile type run that I’ve been sticking to this week while I’ve been sick, but it ended up being around 3 miles.  And… I was going to put up a pic of my running route from my daily mile account because I don’t know how to make it show up on the side or something yet as I am still figuring out this blog site but apparently that is not possible.

Oh I was totally creeptastic the other day on this guy who runs on a cross counry team at a college near mine.  And I pretty much fb creeped but it was ok because my friend Hollie did it also so I didn’t feet as bad.  And once again I say:What is facebook if not for creeping? SO yeah it was interesting.

I mean to add some pictures to this post today but I guess that is not happening. So it’s cool..  oh to be really random and go back to my run.  It was awesome because I’ve been coughing up a lung like all day and as soon as I got outside and started running I didn’t cough and I felt so much better.  Even though I went like 1 min slower for each mile than I normally do I felt really relaxed.  This run was pretty much a relax and chill out run which was nice.  Ok now I believe that is all I have to say. TTFN.


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