Sometimes My Life Just Works

Ok so it has been an interesting weekend.  First off I had my final meet on Saturday at SLU (St. Lawrence University).  It was Regional Qualifiers and to be honest I’m not really sure why my team goes.  I’m not saying that I don’t enjoy running in it, it is just that we are such a small team that compared with the teams that go we aren’t that good.  Anywho, we ran at the course that we ran for Regionals once before during this season at the St. Lawrence Invitational so I was happy with the fact that I already knew the course from before.  This is the best picture on-line that I could find, it’s basically just an aerial view of the whole area the course covered:

 So yeah it basically covers a large area and it also goes into some woods for at least half a mile to 3/4 of a mile.  But once again we ran on this course once this season and so I had a time that I wanted to beat.  Throughout the whole season my best 6k time was never below the 33 minute range.  And the last time I ran on this course I got a 33:40 which is around 9 minute miles.  I ran another 6k at a different course and was able to improve my time by around 15 seconds.  My goal for this race was to break 33 minutes.  But before that we need some background.

Story Time!

At Regional Qualifiers only 7 people from each team can run.  Last year we had more girls than this year.  I was the 8th girl last year and to be honest I’ve come a long way since then in terms of time.  I was the slowest girl on the team and therefore I didn’t get to run in the race because who ran was based off time.  I was completely devastated to say the least especially since my family had come to watch me run in that race.  A girl from my team who was only marginally faster than I was got to run and ended up dropping out of the race within the first half mile when nothing was wrong with her.  To say the least I was pissed. 

Moral? However, the good thing is that it motivated me to work super hard during the course of the entire year so that I would improve my time and be able to run in Regional Qualifiers this year.  Well I trained my butt off and by the end of the summer I was a solid 24 minute 5k runner, until I got my stress fracture and was forced to have my foot in a cast for a month and then wait even longer before I could fully start running again.  It’s been a long uphill climb since the stress fracture and it’s been really emotional for me and aggravating.  Especially during the month my cast was on where I basically had to watch my fitness just deteriorate into nothing because I wasn’t allowed to bike and swimming bothered my foot. 

Needless to say this season has meant  a lot to me and seeing how far I’ve been able to come in a year and how determined I’ve been able to remain after the cast came off has motivated me to train harder and smarter so that I will be even better than this year. 


Anywho, after that long winded story I was able to reach the goal that I wanted to this past season.  My mom came to my final cross-country race of the season yet again and I managed to break the 33 minute barrier by almost a full minute.  I went from a personal best of 33:24 for a 6k to a 32:37 for a 6k.  Needless to say I was a very happy camper.  It’s been a long journey this past season and I absolutely can’t wait for next season.  However, the journey doesn’t completely stop here, my running adventures continue the whole year through.  There will be lots of pictures and stories to come.  However, I believe that is all I have to say for the time being.  TTFN.


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