Dear Silly People Who Don’t Know Anything About Running…

 True Life: An obnoxious trainer who told me he had to look up the effects of my running shoes commanded me to stop running and switch my running shoes.

This is No Joke my friendly blog readers.  Ok I must tell the whole story for the full effect of this statement to sink in.

Story time:

So I hurt myself a.k.a I was flung onto a couch, with very uncomfortable metal bars underneath, by my drunken friend last Friday night.  Saturday I race and was fine, my knee started to hurt later in the day, but not a lot.  Then Sunday came and I was in pain along with Monday and Tuesday.  Wednesday (today) it felt fine and it really didn’t hurt yesterday so I decided to run.  I made it about 1/2 a mile before it started to hurt and I decided to finish up my 1.3 mile run.  Well, it bothered me far more than usual so I decided to get it checked out at the trainer.

I knew I wasn’t going to like this guy as Soon as I started talking to him.  He asked me what I needed and I told him about my knee.  I shall put up our convo as follows (true to life by the way):

Trainer: How far did you run?

Me:  About  1.3.
Trainer: What pace?

Me: Oh an easy run, around 8 minutes.

Trainer: So around 12 minutes?
Me: Well like 11 ish.

Trainer: So it wasn’t really an easy run now was it? It sounds more like a sprint to me.  Why didn’t you stop when you felt the pain?
Me: Well for me it isn’t a sprint and because it was a loop and I wanted to get back to my room….

Trainer: Well there is your first mistake, get up on the table so I can look at your knee.

He then proceeded to look at my knees and decided that they were messed up due to the fact that my knee caps don’t pull the right way when I flex.

Side note: My knees and hips and arch in one foot have been messed up since my freshman year in high school and nothing has been done to fix them because everyone I’ve gone to knows I’m a runner and that more likely than not I won’t listen. 

Anywho, when I tried to tell him that they have been for years and that it is nothing to worry about, he proceeded to tell me I was wrong and then asked if I had my sneakers with me.  This was where it got good.

Apparently this man is a strong hater of vibrams.  When I informed him that I wear vibrams or I run barefoot he proceeded to tell me that I must throw them out and buy sneakers because they were bad for me.  Due to the fact that my foot didn’t have the completely flat surface to land on….. Um…. aren’t my feet a flat surface? Also, I shouldn’t be landing on my entire foot at once, just the upper part.  So technically I don’t really need the whole flat surface.  He then didn’t back up why the vibrams were bad, just that they were. 
He then had me walk around and he decided my arch was flat, when I told him that’s been around for awhile also he said; “Maybe, but now I can’t give you inserts to fix it.” Yes sir, but if I’ve had it for years and it hasn’t bothered me and hasn’t been seen as a problem by my podiatrist then why do I need them?

I was then informed that I must rest for the next 2 weeks then go into a physical therapy plan.  To fix what? I’m not entirely sure, but he seemed to think it was an amazing idea.  Along, with throwing out my vibrams for no other reason than the fact that he doesn’t like him.

So I was given ice to wrap around my knee, instructed to not run, throw out my running shoes, and then go into a physical therapy plan. Once this ingenious plan was dispensed he then decided to tell me that he would look up the effects of vibrams on my body so that he could diagnose me better.

My dear lord man what?!?! You don’t even know about my running shoes or how you run in them and yet you are telling me to get rid of them? Why are you instructing me in this way right now?

I simply smiled, thanked him and left with my stupid bag of ice.  My dear friends I do not object to rest or ice but telling me to get rid of something when you know nothing about it is ridiculous.  So I again I say; Dear Silly People who don’t know anything about running or vibrams, please stop trying to instruct me on the “correct” way of doing things when I know my body far better than you do.

The absurdity of this amazed me.  I shall rest for a few days then run my race on Thanksgiving and rest more depending upon how I feel.  I would then very much like to go back and inform the trainer of his ridiculousness.  After all he has just become my archnemisis, especially since he refused to listen to me AT ALL. 

Anywho, for any of you I lost back at the start, well you won’t be reading this so nevermind.  But to anyone who stuck around to the end I’m very sorry for the giant venting session.  I needed to get it off my chest and I now feel much better. TTFN.



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