When I get injured I go Big or I go home.

Wow two days in a row I managed to remember/have the time to write.  Anywho, y’all know that my knee is injured…. well, now I have sprained my ankle.  Except it is the ankle on my right foot.  And my injured knee is my left knee.  So basically I’m a super gimp right now.  I look rather ridiculous because when I walk now I have a sort of swag/waddle going on that is uber ridiculous.

 This is obviously not my foot, I believe it is a man foot.  But my computer won’t let me upload a pic via my webcam and I’m pretty sure it’s going to take me a little while to figure out how to do it.  Anyways, my foot is swollen quite like this one except now it is wrapped in ace bandage.


I sprained it last night after I FINALLY got into the sorority I’ve been pledging called Arethusa which is Sigma Gamma Phi.  Anywho, we went out drinking afterwards.  The saddest part is I wish I could use being drunk as an excuse as to why I sprained my ankle.  Alas, I can not.  I was completely sober at the time and was skipping and managed to be talented enough to be able to injure myself.  Sometimes I really amaze even myself at the level of clumsy that I am. So I believe that this puts a kink in my plans and unless my body loves me enough to heal VERY fast over the next week I do not believe that I will be able to run my 10k on Thanksgiving.

I am quite upset by this fact along with the fact that I shall not be able to run for awhile.  However, I will remain proactive and try to swim for awhile and I also intend to do INSANITY abs because I can’t do the other workouts because they require a lot of jumping around.


Last night was the night I got into my sorority along with my 7 pledge sisters whom I love to death! Anywho, I can’t go into detail as it is all hush hush and secreative (I’m very sorry readers).  And I just got distracted for like 10 minutes reading parentsshouldnttext.com because it is ridiculous and hilarious.  And now I’m distracted by facebook, please someone help me not be so ADD!

Anywho, once again.  Very fun last night.  I ended up calling people in an inebriated state, playing various games and stealing things.   This is quite a small picture but this is pretty much what the glasses I stole from some guy look like.  Bahah they are my sister and I’s new tool for drinking games because when we put them on they make us shoot better.  Gotta love all my new sisters! So  Go  Love in A! LOVE ALL MY SISTERS!!! WOOT!

Haha ok wel that is all. TTFN.


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