Sometimes I’m a Party Girl

Ok so let me start off my saying I don’t really go out a lot.  I feel like that will change now that I am in a sorority… Go Arethusa! Sorry, humor me.  Anywho, I’m in my sophomore year of college and all last year when my friends tried to get me to go out it was like pulling teeth.  But now that I have more people to go out with and now that I have more going out clothes in my closet I actually don’t mind. 

Like this weekend I was kinda  a party girl. It started on Thursday night and didn’t end until Saturday night.  Thursday night was the night I got in so that was an interesting night as it was, I made a lot of new friends and stole things from people (don’t worry I don’t steal anything important).  Friday we had this thing called Danceathon, where all the greeks (frats and sororities) danced collectively from 9 at night until 6 in the morning.  And my house split up the time into shifts so that we all didn’t have to be there at once.  I ended up getting the latest shift of 4-6 because my big came up.  For those of you who don’t know what a big is it is like my “big sis” in the sorority. 

Anywho, I got to go out for awhile that night then I hung out with my big at the house.  Then I passed out in my room for like 2 hours before I had to go to my shift.  And the rule is that you have to be dancing the whole time so there was a tired Sara on the dance floor doing Zumba dances at 4 in the morning.  To say the least Not Happy.

Anyway I spent the next day in bed until like 12, I ate with some of my sisters and then went back to bed for another two hours. I was lazy 😛  Then I went out last night with some of the sisters.  To say the least it was a fun time.  To quote the movie Grown-ups I got “Chocolate wasted!” But basically it was a fun time.  I did take shots of chocolate which was an interesting experience in and of  itself which I will probably post about another time.

Overall it was a nuts of a night which I can honestly say will probably happen again.  Anywho, I hung out with some of my guys the other day and we played mario party… I won. But I believe that is to be expected….Bahaha.  But while we were playing one of my boys put on music and it was all the Hollywood Undead.  So basically I am now hooked and have just bought a buttload of their music on itunes.  I was going to put up a video of my new favorite song by them up here but I can’t seem to figure it out yet so that will hav to wait.  For now I will just put a picture of the group up:

Basically they always have their faces covered, I’m not sure why.  I’m sure someone who is REALLY into their music could tell you why, I can’t.  Anywho, the song I really like is called ‘Comin’ in Hot’ by them and it is totally one of my new running/partying songs.  I enjoy it that much.  But now I must study and figure shit out because my ride to go home for Thanksgiving just fell through so basically I have to scramble to find a ride.  But more on that tomorrow when I get a chance.


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