Sometimes Someone Should Probably Stop Me.

Let me start off by saying sometimes I have Really bad ideas. And so someone should probably stop me, I’m just saying my friends really need to tell me these things.  Like honestly people! If you think my idea is bad it probably is! Don’t let me do it!

My Brilliant Idea:

So my brilliant idea last night was to play my friend in a game of Halo to see who would win.  Then if I lost I had to go shot for shot with him.  Let me just say that I’m a lightweight and also he can hold his alcohol better than I can.  Especially at such a low number.  So needless to say I lost at Halo, I mean he’s REALLY good and I just REALLY suck. So then a bunch of us decided we wanted to play Mario Party, which was a fun time because I always do really well at Mario Party.  However, during the course of this game I had to go shot for shot with him because I lost the game before it.

Saddest part is, I didn’t really do that many, I’m just THAT much of a lightweight and I was drunk and he wasn’t.  Anyways, it made for an interesting end to Mario Party.  And an interesting rest of the night. 

But I would like to reiterate the fact that my friends Should NOT have let me do this. Considering I was facing a guy, he’s good at holding his alcohol, AND he’s good at Halo. 

All these things need to be pointed out to me before I ever think it’s a good idea to start an endeavor like this ever again.

That is all I believe I have to say on this matter.  Anyone can judge me if they wish, but I mean who hasn’t had one of these; That was not a good idea, type times? 

Anywho, that’s all that is really interesting going on with my life right now.  I have a midterm today and it should be interesting to see what it is on.  Considering it is in my Environmental Ethics class.  And let me tell you all we do in that class is sit around and talk about our opinions on a stance or reading and have to back them up. And half the time you don’t even have to back up your argument.  So yea, this will be an interesting midterm.  I’m sure I could think of more to write if I wanted to but I will let it come to me and write tomorrow.TTFN.


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