Lots to be Thankful For

So I know that I am like two days late for the day of stating all the things that I’m thankful for, but I was busy so hey.  Anywho, Thanksgiving was great.  I didn’t end up running my 10k that morning due to the fact that when I started jogging to get ready my knee pretty much buckled underneath me and said to me;”Sara, if you think I am well enough to run this race today, you are crazy.” True Life: My knee talks to me. 

Anyway, I decided that it would be in my best interest not to run.  Yet, as much as it sucked I was thankful for the fact that I wasn’t on crutches like one of my best friends Steve, he over-extended his knee and is now on crutches.  I’d like to run, but I know at this point it will probably do my body more harm than good.  So I’ve decided to simply man up and start swimming again.  It will probably slowly at first, only like 3 days a week but once I get in a bit of shape I’ll start going more.

Thanksgiving dinner was great! I think I bonded with my Uncle? Bahaha he was in a fraternity in college and now that I’m in a sorority I believe it gives us a certain bond…. Bahah I love him.  I got to spend like 6 or 7 hours with a bunch of my family, including my munchkins aka my little cousins who I haven’t seen since  August.  They are all so nuts and full of life that it’s ridiculous.  My Aunt tried to ask if she could pass as in her 20’s still and I looked at her and said: ” I’m going to be in my 20’s…. don’t kid yourself.” She just looked at me and laughed and told her I made her feel old, which is how my munchkins make me feel so I understand.  My Aunt made great food (it was the first time she hosted Thanksgiving) and some of the foods we had are below:


Basically we had lots of delicious traditional foot that you would have on Thanksgiving.


And now my computer is  ….. Ok nevermind we are good.  Anywho, we had vegetables and cornbread and other such deliciousness! Also we had chocolates and pies for desserts.   I’m  pretty sure we had like 4 different pies, but I don’t like pie (except strawberry and pecan(but only made by 1 person)) so I just say I don’t like pie.  Which, everyone makes fun of me for every year, this year was no different.  Anywho, it was a great Thanksgiving, I really am grateful to have such an amazing family and such good friends who put up with me when I text them randomly on Thanksgiving night. Sorry guys. 

Anyways, I hope everyone had a  safe and happy Thanksgiving and that everyone was stuffed to the point of exploding because I know I was at that point.  It’s been a long day, which I will probably talk about another time, but for now it is time for bed. TTFN.


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