I FINALLY Know what I’m going to do with my life.

So I had a moment of clarity today during my Bio class.  Whey I had this moment in my Bio class is beyond me, but who cares.  Anways, I’ve been at a cross roads in my though process of where I want to go with my life.  As in I had a meeting with my advisor, he told me to start giving Grad school a thought (even though I’m only a sophomore).  Well my main problem before I could think about it was that I didn’t know what I wante to do with my life! I am currently a double major in Environmental Studies and Politics.  I either was thinking about going down the path of Environmental Politician in terms of working on environmental policies or Environmental Lawyer in terms of working with environmental laws and prosecuting anyone who breaks them.  Well, I’ve been really thinking about and Politics interests me a lot as does the field of Environmentalism.  But what decided it for me was a woman by the name of Mrs. Mary Ellen Topian, or to me Mrs. Topain.  She was my Criminal Law teacher my Junior year of High School.  And in her class we were split into two groups; the prosecution and defense for a criminal trial.  Albeit it isn’t the same as Environmental Law, but bear with me.  All I could think of when I was deciding was how much I enjoyed the Law aspect of this class, being a lawyer, finding the flaws in the other side’s argument, and the thrill of the verdict.  I had thought about being a lawyer before this, but as I moved to my senior year in High School and into college I lost hope of it ever happening.  With this opportunity open to me I’ve finally decided to take it.  It is going to be a hard track to follow with the cost of school,LSAT scores, my GPA, etc.  However, I think it’s worth it and I feel better knowing I’ve made a decision. 

Now all that’s left to do is work my butt off for the next two years in hopes that I will be able to keep my overall GPA above a 3.0 like I’ve been doing. Hopefully I will be able to graduate on time with both my majors and get into some law school.  But that is all down the road, instead of psyching myself out right now I’m going to focus on my classes at the present and work my hardest. TTFN.


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