Busy Busy and Nom Noms

Sorry to anyone who reads my blog.  I have gotten very busy this past week.  Mostly with lots of final projects and such for my classes.  It’s the last 2 weeks of the semester so everything is either dut this week or the following week during Finals week.  Needless to say I absolutely can’t wait until the semester is over.  I definitly need a break from all the school work.  However, while I will get a break from homework and such I will be working the entire month that I am off. Which stinks a little bit because literally as soon as I get home I gave myself 1 complete day off and then the following day I start work.  So I will pretty much not have any time off in between school work and actual work.

Even though it kinda sucks I’m ok with it mostly just due to the fact that I definitly need money.

I also can’t wait to go home because that means home cooked meals and a fridge stocked full of food.  TRUE LIFE: I love food. Like seriously the food pyramid is the story of my life.  I love food like that much.  But since I haven’t been able to run I’ve found my eating habits have changed a little bit.

Sidenote: I’m not sure whether or not I mentioned this but I injured my knee, I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong with it because I still have to go to the Dr.  Basically, it hurts when I walk, when I go up or down the stairs, and running is completely out of the question.  It really stinks, but there isn’t much I can do about it right now.

So anyways, I’ve found that recently I’ve been eating more fruits,vegetables, and proteins than carbs.  Like I guess I just subconciously realized that I won’t be needing as many carbs as I used to eat.  But I’ve also cut out candy, which was really hard for me because I have a sweet tooth the size of Texas, so I’m pretty proud of myself for that.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not perfect I still like to have some cheesy fries every once and awhile, but overall I think I’m doing pretty well.

As excited as I am to go home to my fully stocked fridge full of yummy foods I’m also a little nervous.  Mostly because I eat the healthiest out of my whole family, not that they don’t eat healthy they just eat more junk food than I do.  Mostly it’s my brothers who eat the most/junk food.  But I think that they’re totally allowed because they are both on our High School’s Varsity Swim Team (they’re 17 and 14) and they are both guys.  So they are kinda allowed to eat whatever they want to refill all the calories they burn swimming.

But I’m the person in the family that would rather snack on fruits and vegetables than junk food.  Also at dinner when we have french fries and vegetbales I’d rather just have the meat and all vegetables than any french fries.  But it’s whatever, I mean we are all active.  My mom and dad run, albeit slowly, but still.  My brothers both swim and I run (usually) so we know to eat healthy. 

When I go home and finally start working again I’m going to try to go to the Farmer’s Market in Troy so that I can buy myself yummy deliciousness type foods.  That will probably cost me a fortune but they are fresh and healthy so I don’t really care.  Plus, I think I might try to go grocery shopping for myself every week before/after work depending upon whether or not my mommy will notice/care.  Anyways, that’s it for now.  I have a busy week ahead with 2 papers dues and a few quizzes before the last week of finals.  Wish me luck! TTFN.


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