Everybody SALSA!…. while I procrastinate

So yesterday I was in the library for a total of like 7 hours or more.  But let me just say I DID WORK! I was quite proud of myself because I had a lot to do that was due today.   And right now as you can tell, I’m procrastinating hardcore as I sit in the library for another day of hw and paper writing.  I have another paper due tomorrow and so far I have about 1 paragraph and I’ve been at the library for about…. 3 hours.  But once my time starts to flutter away I will become more productive and therefore I will finally begin to:

But once again right now it’s super procrastination mode.  I have all the information that I need written down it’s just getting to the actual essay writing part that is killing me when I have such nifty (yes I did just say nifty) things like facebook and youtube.

Anywho, yesterday I worked with this guy David from one of my politics classes on our final paper/project thing.  It basically ended up being 3 hours of doing work, joking around, and listening to MUSIC- why my life rocks.

Bahaha anyways, I thought I had a large variety of taste in music, he totally beats me.  Well, he has far more latino music which I totally love.  That kind of music has the best beats and just makes you want to dance! Which is pretty much what I was doing in my seat while I was listening to it.  But the one song I got hooked on the most is called Muchacha Loca the Scarlito Merengue Remix which is just AMAZING!  Anyways, I’m still technologically special with this blog so I can’t manage to post the youtube video of it up here for everyone to enjoy but if you get a chance definitly look it up!

It’s sung by this guy called Toby Love:  He’s pretty schmecksy if I do say so myself.   But yeah, now that I’ve updated everyone on my sad, currently non-running life, I believe that I shall actually try to get more of this essay typed up now.  If I don’t finish it now that I shall be back in the library tonite after dinner and my club’s meeting. Joy! – By the way, that was sarcastic for anyone who cares, not that anyone probably does. 🙂


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