Um EXCUSE YOU, it’s called Global Climate Change.

I’m sorry for the ranting typeness of this post but here I go.  For the past 3 classes in my Political Ideas class we have been doing final presentations.  My professor said that we could pick whatever topic we wanted we just somehow had to relate it to an author that we have discussed and it somehow had to be political.  I did sexism in sports (Sidenote: I hate feminists, I’m sorry if you are one.  I usually agree with the points made it’s just most feminists I’ve met sound to me like whiny women….), anywho well today was the last day for presentations because it was the last day of class. 

This girl decided to do her topic on Global Climate Change which she so foolishly called Global Warming.  For those of you who don’t know, they aren’t interchangeable and are Not  the same thing.  Her presentation then went on to say that the Greenhouse Effect was the reason for “Global Warming”, and finally her last major mistake was saying that most scientists don’t believe that it is occurring.  I would like to apologize now because I realize the fact that I was probably rude when she gave her presentation when I was critiquing everything she said.

However,  she was WRONG.  Which annoys me more than anything, people who are wrong that is.  Anywho, when I very kindly pointed out the fact that it was Global Climate Change and not Global Warming she proceeded to tell me I was wrong and that they could be used interchangeably.  Um OH HELL NO! Aka the face to the side.  But  anywho, Greenhouse Effect is a naturally occurring process that is simply sped up and increased due to human activity.  Lastly, almost ALL scientists believe that Global Climate Change is  happening.  Only a small percentage don’t believe that it is.

Anywho, that was my major annoyance with the whole situation of the presentations.  Especially since one of my majors is Environmental Studies, so I admit that I don’t know much about anything, but this is one area that I do know about.   I believe that is all, I have to continue working on my paper that is due this week.  It’s the last one due this week, but during Finals I have 2 papers and 2 finals so it should definitely be fun.  Well that’s all I have for now so TTFN.


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