Drunk Guy Friends= Instant Confidence Boost

Well we’ve all been in the awkward situation when someone hits on us when they are drunk.  However, I belive that it is 10x more awkward/hilarious when it’s one of your friends, depending upon how good of friends you are.  I got the joyous experience of being hit on by two of my guy friends.  Mind you, this is not the first time one of my guy friends has ever hit on me while they were drunk, this is simply the first time it was by 2 different guys, both in the same night.

 plus  My guy friends=

Basically, they get nuts and altogether hilarious.  Also, drunk people have  NO FILTER whatsoever.  Which, can be both good and bad.  When you are like me and have more guy friends than girls it becomes an interesting experience when you are the one taking care of them.

Basically, my night consisted of going to 4 different places.  My one friend’s house, my one friend’s suite, my other friend’s suite and finally my room.

Upon arriving at my 1st friend’s suite, I was hit on repeatedly and interestingly.  Once I managed to leave there I went to my other friend’s suite (where I am friends with all the guys in the suite) where one of my other friends hit on me the rest of the night.

Important Fact: It doesn’t matter who it is, when someone is drunk they have what I like to call; word vomit.  They say anything on their mind and usually they don’t like, and by usually I mean like 99.9999999% of the time.  Like a person will tell you something that they would otherwise not tell you.  For example; my guy friend telling me how hott he thought I was.

Yeah, so basically it was an Extremely interesting/entertaining night.  Honestly though, for anyone having a friend of the opposite sex be drunk around you when you aren’t is pretty much the epitome of confidence booster.  They tell the truth and depending upon how drunk they are, won’t remember it in the morning.  Which, happened to my one friend. 

All I can say is that it was an awkwardly interesting conversation the next day.  Especially considering the fact that he lifted me up onto a sink while I was getting him water.  But I digress…

That is all the excitingness I have for today so TTFN.


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