There’s always hope.

I went for a run today.

 Yeah, that was pretty much the most exciting thing today.  My knee hasn’t been bothering me really for the past 2 days so I decided to give it a go.  I ran for about 1/2 a mile before it started to bother me so I turned around.  I got about .8 miles in today.  Which, considering the fact that I haven’t run in a month due to the pain in my knee, I’m pretty proud of this run.  I didn’t push it, I took it easy and I’m happy with the results.  The fact that I was able to run at all gives me hope that come January 4th when I have my Dr. appointment the Dr. won’t have as bad of news as I originally thought. 

So yeah there isn’t much for me to talk about today, besides the fact that I started doing my Insanity Abs again. It definitly hurt a bit, but it was fun.  I’m going to try to keep it up everyday for the entire month that I’m home on break.  We shall see if I manage to get some six pack abs! TTFN.


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