I love pancakes…..

Believe it or not this is like my second helping of pancakes.  Bahaha I had a serious craving a few days ago, but when I went to make myself some…GASP!… we had NO Bisquick!  Well, I spent the day with my friend Renee watching all the movies that we love in a marathon and she promised me she’d make me pancakes and so Ta-da!  I was very excited, I had about 3 helpings (mostly because she kept making them and doesn’t eat them so I had to eat them all) I think I had like 7 pancakes….

Finally all done, I literally could not fit any more in my stomach or I would’ve vomed.  They were very tasty though, and completely drowned in syrup, which is exactly how I like them.  But only in Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup, I don’t like any other kind for some reason…. who knows?

Anywho, this is Renee a.k.a Ne Ne.  That is my nickname for her and it is how I shall refer to her on here from here on out. 

 She’s holding one of our favorite movies of all time; Rocky Horror Picture Show, for those of you who don’t know it’s a ridiculous movie from the 70’s that pretty much has no plot like except to be widely hilarious.  It contains lots of nudity, sex, and dance numbers.  It’s kinda like a sexual Frankenstein type movie.   But, unless you watch it you’ll never fully understand the epicness.. So if you haven’t seen it…..Please Do.

It was our last movie in our marathon today.  We watched; The Little Mermaid, Anastasia, Smiley Face, and then Rocky Horror Picture Show. We usually watch Hercules and Mulan but we couldn’t find them, which made us incredibly sad.  😦

Anywho, when I’m left alone I do silly things.  Such as park my car sideways in the driveway like a not so normal person, because I think it’s funnier.  I even took a picture to show all you lovely people.

See isn’t it just the funniest thing? Well, it amuses me anyways.  Other than that it’s been a fairly uninteresting day.   I thought about possibly running, but I decided against it because why should I push my body when I’m just coming back? Exactly, I shouldn’t.  So if I feel good tomorrow I’m going to try doing a mile and if not then I won’t.  NBD= No Big Deal in my talk.  So I believe that is all for now, so until later, TTFN.


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