Starting 2012 off with a real BANG!

Well last night was…………..interesting.  I honestly can’t think of a better way to describe it.  You know those times when you’re comfortable in the fact that nothing exciting is going to happen, and then something does? Yeah that was my first night/ day of 2012!  I shall give you a recap…..  cue the fog and sound effects…… Started off 2012 with a party at a friend’s house where I was kissed multiple times by multiple people when the ball dropped, especially my friend Ne Ne.

I apologize at this time for the photobombing that is about to happen on this blog.  I decided lots of pictures would be a fantabulous idea that night.

We like to pretend we are super classy.  So we take lots of pictures… and since Ne Ne said some of her friends are uppity (as in snooty) I decided to wear my most impressive clothes…. duh…..

Yippy for camo hats that have pink on them! It’s a combination of 2 of my favorite things; camo and pink! 🙂

So yeah thsi is basically how we started off the night, with lots of pictures.  It was kinda funny I left her house around 10ish because I was bored and tired (sometimes I’m a grandma).  Anywho, I got called as I was in bed at like 11 to come back because my friend Dave was there and he wanted to see me.  And since he asked all nice and called me and argued with me until I got out of bed and decided to go.

Anywho, the party was way more  hopping when I got back.  I hung out and then we all watched the ball drop.  Once again lots of kisses, mostly by Ne Ne (she loves me).  Anywho, I got made out with later in the night by my friend Dave, who lets be honest is really cute, and then he told me he wanted to do that for years… who’d a thought?

 Thsi is him, he cleans up nice huh?  I stole this from his facebook teheh, I’m a creep.  Anywho, it’s because I didn’t get to take a pic with him at my friend’s.

Anywho, we’ve known eachother since we were little and he’s that  guy friend that you have that always flirts with you and flirts back… yeah he’s that guy.  So yeah it was definitly a good way to start off the new year.  Teheheeh 😉

I had to work the next day so I left around 1, I worked all day till about 6 and then I went home.  Where I got to watch the Giants vs. Cowboys game.  My friend Kolbi is a huge Cowboy’s fan and we beat them once this season, this game was the determining factor of who goes to the playoffs or not.  Anywho, the final score was 31 to 14… GIANTS!!!! My boys know how to play, and I was sooooooooo happy! We’re in the playoffs and it was a great ending to the first day of 2012.   If my first day and night are any prediciton of how 2012 is going to turn out then I’d say that it’s going to be a good year.

 GO GIANTS! Everyone, has huge loves of all the seriously big players; Manning, Cruz, and all them.  I however, have a huge love for David Diehl, he’s secretly my boyfriend… we will eventually get married, just saying.  And how can you not love him when he’s this cute?

 I’ve gotten his autograph at the Giant’s summer camp at UAlbany when I’ve gone with my family, he’s like a Giant Teddy Bear, and he’s mad nice, hence why I love him.  Anywho, I think that is enough of my ramblings, so until later TTFN.


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