Tis the season… for Races!

So it is that time of the year again!  The beginning of the year when you look at all the fabulous races and have to decide which of them you can do…. *cough* or afford.  Anywho, I had a lovely day with a few of my friends.  I started off the morning with a run around 9 o’clock with my friend Christine.  She’s straight up epic! She’s sponsored and does Tri’s and she’s just awesome and so much fun, plus we get to work together during the summer.  And for some reason we were on the same wave length today and decided to be all matchy matchy.    We took another picture before this in which Christine decided to be how shall we say it?….. Original.

Baha the sun was in our eyes.  Bahah even though she is odd I love her anyways.  Especially since she blows up my facebook with links to all different kinds of triathlons.

Later, I got lunch wiht both her and my friend Gaby.  I told her that we had to take a picture together for the blog master. 

She seemed a bit apprehensive, but I don’t take no for an answer.  Especially not after I got to eat my two favorite bagels.  Compared to the normal Baglery at Potsdam, I have Bruegger’s here.  And so I was super duper excited when I was informed that I indeed could get a salt bagel with plain cream cheese AND a salt bagel with just salmon.  Yummy Deliciousness!  So, enough about that and on to the actual picture of my friend,I don’t know why I’m creepily staring at her but,whatever…..

Which brings me to the next point of discussion.  The races I’ve chosen for this year.  I had a list of about 7 races they included; Plattsburgh Half Marathon, Lake Placid Half/Marathon, North Country Triathlon, Pine Bush Triathlon, Delta Lake Sprint, West Point Tri, and Crystal Lake Triathlon.  Now out of all of those I am already signed up for the Plattsburgh Half Marathon.

It was a serious decision trying to decide which races I was going to do this year.  But I finally have it down to the 4 I want.  Including the Plattsburgh Half Marathon, I have; Lake Placid (which I decided that I’m going to do the marathon) Marathon, Pine Bush Triathlon, Delta Lake Triathlon, and that’s it! 🙂  I mean I’d love to do more but it’s expensive!  Anywho, that’s my tentative schedule for now, Hollikins just told me about a site where I can find races around our college so maybe I’ll get a few more.  But I think that’s all for now, so until later TTFN.


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