Chugging Along….

Oh how my life isn’t that interesting.  However, I shall still keep you up to date on it anyways.  I continue to eat fruit salads for snacks like it’s my job.  My mommy loves me lots though and bought me a pineapple to add to my fruit salad… Yay me!

 So yesterday was semi-exciting.  I went to my brothers’ swim meet.  Now that they’re both in High School, they’re both on the same team so it was exciting t see them together.  I took creepytastic photos of them while they were sitting on the side watching the diving (I don’t really pay attention to diving because I dont’ understand the scoring and different dives).   It’s kinda far away but my brothers are the two towards the end on the left.  The one shirtless with the white cap and the one in blue sitting next to him.  As you can tell, it was a creepy picture that they didn’t know I was taking…..

They’re both coming along well.  Unfortunately, they were beat by the other team by like 10 points this meet.  They put up a good fight.  I know some of the guys on the team and they’re all a good bunch of guys, and some of them are SO FAST!

Anywho, I had to cut out early to go to my first session of physical therapy, sorry no pictures from it, mostly because I didn’t know how they’d react to random picture-taking, maybe next time though.  I’m not gonna say it was fun because that isn’t the right word but it didn’t suck.  I got to be massaged, electroshocked (way fun), and I did exercises and such.

There really wasn’t much to it.  Today, I went out shopping with my granny and then we went out to lunch.  We ended up going to my favorite place to eat….PANERA! Straight up, I love that place.  I usually do the you pick 2 deal where I get a soup and salad.  Now I Always get French Onion soup because it’s my favorite and they make the best.  I remembered to take a picture… only after I ate half of it….   And then I took a picture of my new favorite salad which I just found today.  It’s a salmon caesar salad- it’s epic! It combines caesar salad and salmon, how can I not like that?!

Once again, I started to eat some of it before I remembered to take a picture.

Sidenote: Usually I don’t like salads.. well I don’t like lettuce, the only salad I like to eat (that includes the lettuce) is caesar.  So it’s I’m amazed that I managed to eat it all.  And then I washed it all down with lemonade!! My favorite 🙂 

Sometimes I question my fashion sense, mostly because it’s so awesome. 😛  But I enjoy my fantastic outfits, like today’s for example:

Yoga pants, sorority shirt, camo and pink hat= EPICNESS! I’m sure that people were admiring my awesome outfit… they were jealous! 🙂 Baha probably not, I just like to think that I’m way cooler than I am.

While I was out with my granny we went to Barnes and Nobles.  I bought another running book… what’s new?  Anywho, this one is about barefoot running.  I run with vibrams or barefoot as it is, but I’d like to improve my technique and how my foot strikes, along with being able to run farther and farther completely barefoot.  At my school there is a very limited number of people running barefoot/in minimalist shoes.  Even my coach doesn’t really like them.  He told me not to run barefoot/in my shoes on more than one occasion and before more than one race.  However, here they are, still going strong.

They’re my second pair (I wore the other ones out) and I love them dearly.  Here’s the book I bought today.

There are pictures and great exercises and such.  I can’t wait to get started.  Anywho, there isn’t much else to do today.  I just got finished with a run and it went pretty well.  Other than that though, my life really isn’t that interesting as I repeat.  Well until later then, TTFN.


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