My main man

What do you call a male mistress? Is it still mistress? Lover? Oh heck, who cares.  Anywho, the main man in my life has been running, we’re going on 4..5 years now? I mean seriously, other relationships haven’t worked out, but this one has.  I’ll get new clothes to look nice during my running.  I’ll make sure we spend enough time together.  The result is always the same; I start out looking fresh and neat and when I’m done my hair’s a mess, I’m sweaty, I’m out of breath, and I feel fantastic.

Anywho, it’s been a pretty good damn day. 🙂 I learned how to make halopshi (stuffed cabbage) from my granny with my mom and my aunt.  After I went to the bank to deposit some money and then I went shopping! There were a few things I needed to get.  And among those things I managed to get a $4 shirt from Forever 21, I love that store.   AND I bought another pair of skinny jeans- size 7! I haven’t worn a size 7 in at least 4 years.   I’m not like that much bigger, I am/was a size 9 it’s just nice to see a smaller size every once and awhile. 

Anywho, I took a picture of my new very awesome shirt:

I decided it looked better with leggings than with my new jeans but I don’t care I still love it.  I originally bought it just as a kind of cover up for my bathing suit for when I go down to Florida for spring break, but I added a belt and now I have a cool new outfit all for $4!

What would I do without sales/leggings? I’m not sure… maybe go insane? And I’ve invested in the power of coupons now that I’ll need to go grocery shopping every week when I get back. Coupons are epic! Getting stuff for a cheaper price and all you have to do is hand the cashier a piece of paper! It’s fantastic!

Anyways, I think I’ve bored everyone enough with my childlike amazement.  That’s all for now, until later TTFN.


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