Well that was fun!

For the first time in 41 years the Shaker High School Swimming and Diving team beat Bethlehem! I was so excited and kind of surprised that I didn’t lose my voice.  It was an exciting meet and I’m glad I got to see my brothers swim before I went back to school.  I made posters for my brothers and for two of their friends on the team who I know also and how I love.  I shall now photo-bomb my blog with tons of pictures that you must appreciate.

 This is for the older brother (on the left).  And the picture on the right is for my younger brother.  Jake also had a lot of his friends come, since it was the biggest meet for us this season in terms of rivalry.  The bleachers were packed.  And Jake’s friend’s made him a poster also.

I thought it was pretty hilarious.  Anywho, I made 2 more posters, one for nikos and one for thomas.  Sidenote:  Every time I see Nikos he tells me to make him a sandwich (which for anyone who is offended I’m very sorry) he says it because I’m a woman.  I don’t take offense mostly because I know he’s joking and also because I know he doesn’t mean it and I could kick his ass.  And I usually just tell him the kitchen is closed or that I’ve retired or such nonsense.  Thomas, I work with and have known for a few years.  He always tells me to “hop off” as in his man parts, which I constantly tell him it’s not possible considering I’ve never been on…… But again I digress…

Anywho, I decided to make their posters as part of our continuous joking with one another.  So here we go:  Nikos’s is very fantastic, I showed both of them before the meet actually started from across the pool, I got a double thumbs up :).

And Thomas’s…  His also had a fold down part that said “… The Block!” so that I wouldn’t get in trouble in case I was called out on inappropriateness, but we thought it was funnier with just the Hop off part.

Anywho, I told Thomas that we needed to get a picture together since it was our joke. Plus it was funny watching everyone read it and then not understand it.  We were constantly asked “What does Hop off stand for?”  And we just laughed.

Thomas decided to go for the wtf type face.  Anywho, I took a picture of my brother and Thomas at the beginning since they are both captains.  Also, they made a poster which the team ran through after Thomas and Jake blew their horns.

But yeah, overall it was a really great meet. The overall score was Shaker 103 to Bethlehem 83.  First time in 41 years! Anywho, that’s all with my proudness.

I just went to a Pilates/yoga class with my aunt this morning and it was definitely interesting.  It showed me how much I need to work on my strength and stretching.  It REALLY worked my hip flexors which is good because they are weak and something I need to work on for physical therapy, so I’m going to try to incorporate these exercises I learned today into my physical therapy exercise routine.  But that’s it for now, tomorrow I head up to my camp then school so I’ll probably be off the ole Bloggidy Blog for a few days.  So until then, TTFN.


4 thoughts on “Well that was fun!

  1. I said it before, but it deserving being said again…you are an incredible sister!!! Oh, and I really need to be better about stretching, it is so important and often neglected.

    • Aww thanks! I’m not that fantastic though 😛 It’s just because I haven’t seen them swim in forever and I’m very competitive regardless of whether or not I’m the one competeing haha And I completely understand my stretching usually flys under ther radar.

  2. Yes I agree-I am such a lazy stretcher. HA. You are too nice and I remember when you came to my swim meet last year and cheered me on! See you next week yo. I’m thinking we should do dinner or something perhaps Thursday (in a week:))?

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