Slowly Picking Up Speed

Well it’s about the 3 day of classes and I’m already tired.  I’m taking around 17 credits= 6 classes for this semester.  And Yay me I’m right where I want to be in terms of credits.  I’ve been in college for 2 years, but because I came in with credits and take more than the expected amount every semester and so I am a junior.

I shall give you the run down of my classes for this lovely spring semester (although it’s definitely still winter).  I’m taking:  International Relations, Solving Political Puzzles, Crane Live! (yes apparently the exclamation point is really needed), Mass Communications, Environmental Futures, and Backpacking.

In case it isn’t terribly obvious I’m taking politics and environmental classes.  The two random other classes are to fill my GenEd requirements.  Anywho, I’m looking forward to all of my classes, the politics ones look to be a lot of work, but I think if I stick to my super awesome color coordinated schedule I will be fine.  The class I know I’m REALLY going to enjoy is Backpacking.  If not for anything else than because of my professor, his name is Adam Wheeler.

I creepily just stole this picture of him off of the school website.  He’s a mad chill guy, with a surfer guy type of voice where everything he says is kinda like; “Yeah man, it’s cool.”  Except everything he says sorta makes me want to laugh or be terribly afraid.  For our first class he read the liability form we had to sign, pretty much in case we die, while we are out in the woods the school can’t be held responsible. 
Every other sentence went pretty much as follows: “You could fall off a cliff… and die.  You could go too quickly down the trail, smash into another backpacker, split both your heads open… and die.  You could fall during a stream crossing, hit your head on a rock…. and die.”

I feel like for this course they should really just put a huge warning sign under the course description that states; “Warning: There is a high probability that you could die.”

True Life Fact: I manage to get myself into the most amazing situations.  Which means my backpacking trip.  There are 45 people in this class, and I want to say there are around 12 girls. There are 5 trips, varying in length.  1 is the shortest and 5 is the longest.  I’m in 5, there are 10 people, including me, in this trip. I’m the only girl.  How I managed this I have no idea.  But all I can say is Epicness.  I’m going to be stinky around guys for 5 days and have to smell them and try to be discreet about going to the bathroom and such while I”m sure they won’t be. 

I’m so happy with my life.  Bahah the only good thing is that I’m taking the trip with a few of my guy friends so it won’t be as super awkward as I originally anticipated.  They’ve seen me be gross before so I feel a little better.  So yeah that is the main amusement in my life right now.  I’m going to try and get a quick run in before I make myself dinner then go to my club meeting.  So until later, TTFN.


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