Dare to be Remarkable

Oh hey girl!  I decided to jazz up my lingo a bit on here to make things more interesting.  I’ve found a new motto; Dare to be Remarkable. I just love it.  Especially since I really embodied this statement this morning.  I managed to get my bootie up, drink my coffee, go run and be sweaty and then come back shower, do my hair, and put on real clothes in less than an hour. I call that remarkable.  The true test will be to see if I can accomplish it again tomorrow.  And…. wait for it…. I went swimming last night! It was the first time since the stress fracture.  I would like to show you how grimetastic my hair looked after. 

This is my ewww I’m gross face.  Now my hair just looks wet, but it stinks to the high heavens like chlorine and was partially frozen and crunchy walking back to my room.  Like literally I reeked of chlorine. I’m pretty sure that after I showered and soaped off my body I still had some on me.  But anywho, I did 1000 yds in a little over 1/2 an hr, it was an easy 1000 with lots of pull.  I’m not going to rush myself to get back into super swimming shape, I’m just going to take it slow and let my body ease it’s way back into things.

I made myself pancakes yesterday morning too because it was the weekend and I decided that weekends are my pancake days because it takes a little longer to make them and it’s like a special treat.  They weren’t the prettiest things, but they sure were delicious! True life fact: I only eat pancakes when they are completely smothered in syrup.  Like it’s the only way I can eat them, I’ll use pretty much any kind, but I prefer Mrs. Butterworth’s.

I decided to take a picture with one of my housemates last night, her name is Renata.  She thinks I’m straight up nuts like all the time, but I’m pretty sure she loves me.  Especially when I force her to take pictures with me at random times of the night.   Oh and I also forgot to tell her we were making straight up nuts-o-spaghettio  type faces.  Oh well.

But so yeah, today started all Fantabulous!  When I got to my first class at 10 (I know, it’s a late time to start classes) I had already worked out, showered, eaten, and stopped at the school store to buy things I needed.  Sitting in class I felt really freaking productive with my life.  Which lead me to have time to blog right about now before my next class at 4.  And I’ll still have time to get some homework in before I actually go to class and finish the rest of my busy day.  I still have class (like I didn’t just mention tha like 5 times), dinner, a meeting, and probably more homework.  But it’s ok, Mondays and Tuesdays are my busiest days so once these two days are done it’ll be smoother sailing.  Anywho, I believe that is all I have going on with my cray cray life for now.  Until later, TTFN.


5 thoughts on “Dare to be Remarkable

  1. haha…okay, i like that motto!!! AND even more props for cray cray silly faces, i make them all the time. 😉

    okay, my aunt and i have a word for the way we eat our pancakes…they are on a Plake…on a plate with a lake of syrup! the only way to go! 🙂

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