I’m kind of a Troublemaker

Well bloggidy blog friends.  I did the unthinkable today I….. took a day off! Dun Dun DUN!!!  I think a good portion of us have a taboo about taking days off as runners (I’m not specifically saying that any of you do), but I think a lot of  us believe that if we rest 1 day we will loose all the fitness we’ve gained.  Well today is the first day since I started running again this past Monday that I’m taking off.  Honestly because I’m a little sore, a few parts are a little achy that I’d like to watch, and I don’t want to over-do it too much.  I went from around 4 miles last week to 10 so far this week.  Which, while both mileages aren’t anything to be amazed over it’s still a jump and however small I don’t want to screw my body up especially when I have races that I’m really excited for coming up in the next few months.  So the overall point of this is I am taking today off, and while I feel guilty not running, I’m going to try not feeling so guilty because I know tomorrow I have a long run planned and a good workout Sunday. 

On to other matters… sometimes I’m a troublemaker.  Like Legit.  Last night my one friend left me alone in his room with my other friend Bethany and told me I could draw on his walls with highlighter.  Anywho, we were quite mischievious and managed to draw on the walls, take pictures, and steal things.  When then left a ransom note and left.  I took some pictures I don’t know how well they came out, but I shall put them up for your enjoyment.

Here’s what I stole from my friend David.  A shirt, his sunglasses, and a pair of boxers (because he doesnt’ need those right?).  Bethany (who I call Big Spoon) and I proceeded to put on his clothes take pictures and draw on his wall.

We are very pretty ladies when we are causing mayhem (just like the geico commerical!)

Because I mean come on, you need a full view of the ridiculousness that we are when we are messing around with other people’s things.

My sexy Big Spoon. 😉  Bahah this is BEFORE we drew on the walls, so now for some pictures of the wall, I’m not sure how well you will be able to see the writings so if need be I’ll tell you a little of what we wrote on it.

Basically we wrote really random crap All over his wall.  Things like; I love the color pink, and Buisness cards… really? Because the genius had buisness cards, which we thought was wildly hilarious mostly because they had no acutal purpose as far as we could tell.  But yeah, overall it was a good night, tons of fun and Bethany and I bonded far more than we had before.  I love her tons! ❤

Anywho, that’s all the excitement in my life for now. So until later,TTFN.


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