Therapy.  It’s a loaded word.  Yet, for a lot of athletes, and by athletes I typically mean runners, it’s what we sometimes refer to our running as.  I know that’s how I use it sometimes.  When I’m really stressed or when things are bothering me, I go for a run and the things that are bothering me are put into perspective, my stress is all drained and used on my run.  But what about the people who don’t run?  What about the person who has to take pills at night to go to bed or thinks that not living is the better option?  Well, I don’t exactly know what to tell those people, which sucks.  Because I feel like if they could have something they were so passionate about that they couldn’t be depressed then their lives would be so much better.

I have this friend, his name is Ben.  And I just came back from a long few hours with him.  Ben is depressed and there’s only so much I can do.  Realizing that makes me sick.  It makes me sick because I realize that he goes to therapy and he doesn’t think it helps.  It makes me sick because he doesn’t think we are good enough friends for me to care if he died.  And it makes me sick because he can’t seem to see the incredible person he is enough to want to get better.  I realize that this is a depressing post, and for that I’m sorry.  But I felt like this needed to be said. 

Yes, we all have our forms of therapy in our lives.  Yes we could all Die tomorrow as some people say.  But the choice is ours, WE decide how we deal with each day.  We decide how we handle the ups and downs in our lives.  I just want to leave everyone with this; We all have our ups and downs and sometimes it sucks, but that’s what our running, family, and friends are for.  But if you ever feel like it’s not worth it – Talk about it. Don’t keep it inside because people do care. 

Once again, sorry for the uber depressing post guys, I’ll be more cheery tomorrow.  Until later, TTFN.


3 thoughts on “Therapy

  1. i think this is an important post for people to read and really actually let it sink in. it’s too bad there is the stigma surrounding therapy and mental health…it doesn’t mean u’re crazy or insane. the brain is a muscle just like any other in ur body and sometimes it needs some PT. i hope ben gets some help to see the light in his life.

  2. Mental illness like depression is just that: an illness. Our society looks down on the mentally ill, but really, our brains need medical attention and care just as much as—if not more than—the rest of our bodies. I hope your friend finds his way, and thank you for writing about this important issue!

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