Well then.

Well then, according to my friend Hollikins (oh that worked, I didn’t know if it would) I’m a type A personality.  I think this is uber hilarious because it’s super true. Usually I’m up at 6:15 and out the door by 6:45, today however I slept in and let myself get some end of the sickness much needed rest.  And let me tell you- I’m almost 100%  Tomorrow I’ll definitely be running and working out again.  🙂

So on that note, I believe that it is a holiday today………. hmmmm…… could it be Valentine’s Day? Well I do belive it is! My valentine is my friend Bethany aka My Big Spoon. It shall be a fantabulous day, especially we are getting what I like to call The Early Bird Special type dinner at 4:30 since we both have to do things from 5 o’clock on.

This shall be us whopping it up at 4:30 at our dinner.  We won’t have martinis but still, it will be amazing.

This ———————> is my valentine for everyone on here.  So HAPPY VALENTINE”S DAY, if you don’t have one, I’ll be your valentine 😉

Anywho, I was blog creeping this morning per usual and I came across this awesome post from wine-ing.  In it she stated her 10 reasons why she loves running.  And I’m totally going to copy the post right now because I thought it was such a great idea! (Sorry if your mad that I copied your amazing post).

10 Reasons I love running………

(I’m going to go from 10 to 1, 1 being my top fav)

10. Free T-shirts (True Life Fact: I own so many race t-shirts I could wear them for a few months and not repeat)

9.  The runners I meet, they’re just a fun bunch of people and so nice!

8. Um…… the food.  I enjoy lots of running food.  It’s yummy and energy packed.

7.  My legs…. that sounds really egotistical…… But I love them nonetheless.

6.  It’s my destresser, whenever I have problems I need to workout I go for a run.

5. My confidence; it goes through the roof when I complete a tough workout or race and do well on it.  Especially since a lot of people “Don’t think they could ever run”.  To that I say PSHHHHH!

4. Responsibility; Running forces me to be in charge of myself, my workouts, and all that jazz. It’s taught me a lot about responsibility because if I over train and don’t listen to my body, that’s all on me.

3.  My teammates.  I love them all, even though there’s not that many of us.  They keep me motivated at times when I’m not so motivated.  Especially Hollikins, her speeches are AMAZING!

2. It’s a challenge.  Running is a challenge because you always have to work at it.  It might not necessarily ever come easy, but if you stick to it then you can accomplish lots.

And finally 1. Accomplishments.  Running has taught me that through hard work and perseverance I can do anything I set my mind to.  It’s a nice mind-set to have when other people are telling you that you can’t do something.  Because of my running I can look at them and say; Yes, I can.

So that’s it for now I believe, until later TTFN.


7 thoughts on “Well then.

  1. haha…i totally agree with all of those and it’s funny because i did a post earlier about the ways running loves u back regardless of the day! but thanks for sharing this because it’s all so true…if i have to be obsessed with something i’m glad it’s miles and running shoes. 😛

    hope u had a great night! 🙂

  2. YES I am all about all of these. I would like to add racing. It’s definitely my favorite part. I feel like I learn more about myself every race. More than just my running self – I learn how much grit and determination I have.

    But on a less “deep” note, the food and shirts rock.

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