It’s gonna be my year

 I love college. It is only in college that I can sit and have dinner for like 2 hours in our student union with my sister Danielle aka Captain and watch Jeopardy and yell at the tv, and not be stared at completely.  Well, we were stared at but when you’re doing it with someone else it makes you seem a tad less cray cray.

But I mean come on, why wouldn’t you try to guess the answers to Jeopardy?  Because honestly every time I got one right I felt SUPER DUPER smart.  Also, colleges usually have college towns around them.  Mine is a fairly small town surrounded by other fairly small towns.  I love it because on a nice day like today I can walk into town and go to our local Food Co-op.  I love the Co-op, yes it’s more expensive than buy groceries at a supermarket, but personally I belive in the local/organic farmer idea.  And because of that I really try to buy from there whenever I have the money.

Anywho, I bought a large amount of stuff.  I bought; bread, cheese, ham, chicken, apples, olives, organic fruit rolls, all natural chips, apple cider, a grapefruit… oh a jalapeno pepper.  And I believe that it is.  I’ll show you a pic of the Co-op!  This is a picture of the sign, I love seeing it because when I get to it I know I’m going to get good food soon. 

Next I have a picture of the actual building.

I think it’s such a quaint little building.  The inside is adorable too (no I didn’t take any pictures).  But everyone who works and shops there pretty much knows each other and they are all super friendly.

Also, I decided to be all hardcore yesterday and wear like all pink/camo combinations.  My guy friends made fun of me because they said that “pink and camo shouldn’t be mixed.”  Apparently it’s against some sort of guy code or something.  Oh well, I don’t care, I’m not a guy.  So I’m going to show you a picture of my lovely outfit. 

As you can see I’m super fly it my camo and pink.  Anywho, I believe that is it for now.  I’ve been busy per usual.  I’m sorry it’s been a few days, my excuse is that I’m busy trying to do like 100 things at once.  But the next few days there will be posts whether you want them or not. 🙂 

So that’s it for now,until later TTFN.


6 thoughts on “It’s gonna be my year

  1. Aw the co-op is so cute!! Most of the colleges I’m looking to go to are in cities, so I’ll miss that kind of town feel! I’m with you in shouting answers for jeopardy. I love when I get it right and everyone else is wrong and I’m just like “BOOYAHHH!”

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