My Barefoot Feet.

Well I’m going to be honest here people, I hate shoes.  With an undeniable passion.  No one quite understands this like my friend Bonna who came over for dinner last night.  It was very exciting because she transferred to another school (still really close) so I don’t get to see her that often.  This is her; I creepily take pictures from people’s facebooks… YES!  It’s because I forgot to get a picture when she was here last night.  Anywho, I made pasta and chicken and she brought brownies (which were delicious).  Our friend Kinga was there also and we caught up and ended up talking about running (but I mean we are all runners so it’s kinda implied that we’re gonna talk about running).

Anywho Bonna and I were discussing our barefoot obsession and how we can’t wait until it constantly is warmer outside so we can walk outside barefoot all the time and be able to run constantly outside.  Kinga looked at us like we were nuts but honestly it’s why both mine and her feet look like this:

Like all the time.  I love it because honestly she’s really the only person who understands the concept of your feet being claustrophobic.  Because seriously, my feet are.  As soon as any nice weather is out my feet start itching to get out of my shoes.

We then laughed about how since we’re running on the Dreadmill a lot we want to run barefoot on the dreadmill, but the people at the fitness center won’t let us do that.  We were like; “But we’ll even put it on slow and clean the whole thing after!” But oh well, that one is kinda a losing battle.  So that’s it for now.  I didn’t do my regular morning workout because I was so tired so I’m either going to take a day off or if I have time later today after my meeting at 4 then I’m going to try to run then before my other meetings at 6.  So that’s it for now, until later TTFN.


8 thoughts on “My Barefoot Feet.

  1. I hate wearing shoes, too! I bought barefoot running shoes to get as shoe-free as possible. And I like it way better. I just hate my feet feeling restricted or weighed down by a big bulky shoe.

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