It’s been fun.

t’s been a hectic and delightful few days.  Monday was straight up nuts-o-spaghettio.  But my club Middle Ground met with the director of food on campus and I’m in love with him.  He’s an adorable 60-year-old man whose totally environmentally friendly, so he fully supports our club (FYI we are the environmental club on campus).  So that was great. 

Last night was Tuesday so I had my Middle Ground meeting and my Operation Military Support club meetings.  I love Operation Military Support or OMS because I’m with all the ROTC guys.  Which can be both fun and challenging at the same time.  Sometimes we get things done and sometimes (kinda like last night)  we don’t really get anything done…. It’s kinda like they’re 5 they have the attention span of goldfish really.  Either way they’re a fun bunch to hang out with and I love them regardless even though they drive me up a wall half the time.

Anywho, it’s been terrific weather up in the Potsdam the past few days and so yesterday I walked around barefoot (no I won’t put up another picture of my foot, I think you’ve had enough of those).  And I was going to do it again today but the ground was colder today so I decided to wear shoes although I did run outside which was a nice change of pace from the Dreadmill.  Oh! Also my Prefontaine jersey came yesterday, unfortunately it’s too small so I’m exchanging it for a medium.  But I took a picture of it for y’all so that I will have it and won’t forget when I ge the bigger size.  Here it is:

It’s beautiful.  It’s the jersey (obviously no the exact one) that Steve Prefontaine wore when he was in High School running.  It’s the jersey he got recognized in by Bill Dellinger to be recruited for the University of Oregon.  And trust me if they had jerseys like the one he wore in college, I would’ve bought that too. 

So yeah that’s pretty much all the excitement that’s going on right now.  I’m not a very exciting person just fyi.  Oh, I’m going to a conference from tomorrow until Sunday so I’ll definitely try to take pictures and update you blogging buddies, I’m not sure if I’ll be able to get on again until Sunday. 
So until later, TTFN.


5 thoughts on “It’s been fun.

  1. Um I didn’t even know you could buy a prefontaine singlet. I NEED ONE. If I go to nationals this year I’ll need a jersey to wear and that would make me look epic, haha! Maybe I’d get a little of his speed too 🙂

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