It’s all Greek to me!

Warning: The following post is photo bombed with massive amounts of pictures.  Ok so my blogging besties.  As you know I was unable to reach a computer this past weekend.  This was due to the fact that I was in Connecticut participating in the National Greek Leadership Conference or NGLA.  Anywho, I was one of 10 students from my school who are a part of greek life who went to learn about different things we could do to improve our chapters and benefit.  And let me tell you, not only was it educational, but it was also tons of fun.

It was also good in the fact that I was able to really get to know/bond with people from other houses, because you don’t really do that too often.  So let me throw up a bunch of pictures, which I shall describe as I go so that you can live my weekend with me. 🙂  This is our parking attendance guy, but a Connecticut parking attendance guy, much different than New York. 

This is a funny license plate.  And yes I am actually going to show you the entire weekend, hey I warned you.


Dan, one of the representatives from the school at the conference with me, being THAT GUY who enjoyed party bombing my picture of the beautiful hallway.  Needless to say I said some harsh words to him.

My bed which I shared with Cheyene, and then by the end of the 3rd night we had 3 people in the bed because apparently we all didn’t like sleeping in our own beds/rooms.   It’s ok though, there was a lot of body heat which kept me very toasty to say the least.

Look they have a button specifically for the floor with the pool! I thought that it was pretty damn fancy.

There was a Starbucks in the hotel, obviously I woke up extremely early every morning so that i could get my big cup of coffee.

I’m sorry but I do not function in the morning without it.

Me being all goofy and such with Cheyene outside the hotel.  We decided it’d be a good idea to take pictures like…. everywhere.

We went out to dinner and Nate and Carter are really strange……… It was this Irish restaurant that was really good.  My food was seriously fatty and delicious.  That’s all I really have to say about that.

Us girls goofing around before the banquet.  Duck face is the way to go in pictures.

And a nice group shot at the end…. and Nate being odd.  Anywho, I have WAAAAY more pictures than this, but I decided I didn’t particularly want to put them all up and I don’t think you necessarily want to see them.

Anywho, it was an interesting experience, I learned a lot, made a lot of new friends and generally had a pretty good time.  So sorry for being so MIA for the past like week, but after the conference I was super busy trying to catch up on everything I missed.

So I’ll be posting more frequently from here on out.   So until later, TTFN.


8 thoughts on “It’s all Greek to me!

  1. I almost named my greek yogurt post “it’s all greek to me!”. I think starbucks in every hotel should be mandatory. As much as I like when there is free coffee, I hate when the coffee is lukewarm and tastes like dirt. Starbucks never does that to me.

    • Haha that would’ve been great! And personally I like DD, but hey coffee coffee when I’m sleep deprived. But I totally agree about the dirt/lukewarm combo.

  2. wow, looks like u guys had fun!! glad u’re back to so we can continue to blog stalk u…hehe. i was never a part of Greek life so i am both really interested in it all and slightly scared…lol…sorry, stereotypes! 😛

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