Sometimes My Body Amazes me, but it’s a Fine Fine Line.

Sometimes my body amazes me, like for reals.  My body can run for 2 miles or more and it can swim 2,000 yards.  Honestly, I don’t understand how it does it! The human body is an amazing thing that everyone takes for granted.  But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  Someone’s blog whom I stalk…. I forgot exactly who… brought up the topic of eating disorders.  Well, I kinda wanted to go off of that today.  Not eating disorders, but fitness.  Most people understand eating disorders, but there’s also the kind where you feel compelled to workout all the time.  Like what you did for the day wasn’t enough and so you go and workout more.  And it gets to the point where you work out so many times a day that’s all you do.  People don’t realize that you can get carried away so easily because people encourage you to work out, be healthy, etc.

I’m talking to you as someone from experience.  Although I don’t work out as much now (mostly due to time and schedule constraints, but eh). I used to do exactly that.  I’d work out everyday, multiple times a day, because I thought what I was doing was never enough.  It started during the spring last year, where I would literally feel sick if I hadn’t somehow managed to workout that day.  Then into the summer, I ran everyday most times more than once.  Sometimes I’d come home from a 4 mile run dripping sweat, look at my mom, grab some water, decide I could’ve done more and go out and run again.  It got to the point where I would literally plan my day so that I could work out as many times as I wanted.  I also added the workout dvd Insanity to the mix along with swimming and biking to work. 

I never thought I really had a problem until I overheard my mom and dad talking about me once after dinner.  And honestly even then I didn’t think much of it.   Soon my mileage was going up (obviously) and then I got my stress fracture it was in my foot (2nd metatarsal).  But, it wasn’t officially diagnosed for at least 2 weeks after my initial visit.  So during that time I ran, and swam, and biked.  And even did a triathlon.  It wasn’t until after I got a cast on my foot and I wasn’t able to do anything did I realize how empty my life had become.  All I did was workout

And I mean really? Who wants to live that way? So after the cast came off I worked out but not as much.  And I’ve continued to monitor myself.  Yes, I’m working my way back to running everyday, but when I take a day off now I try not to feel as bad about it.  Also, I’ll usually try to run 2 miles or more, but if I only run 1- hey it’s ok.  I’m not going to lie;It’s difficult.I still have times where I think I could do more but I stop myself.

This post isn’t to freak anyone out, its more of just a warning.  In our society today to be a good athlete you need to train and cross train and everything else.  Its just good to realize that there’s a fine line between being healthy and being obsessed.   And hey life’s going better now, I mean I officially got my Steve Prefontaine jersey in the right size so I’m definitely going to run in it today.

I’ve got my fierce face on in case you can’t tell. So yeah, sorry if this was a stressful or uncomfortable post, I just want people to be aware.  We have pressures on us as athletes and we can’t let it get to us.
That’s it for this public service announcement.  Until later, TTFN.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes My Body Amazes me, but it’s a Fine Fine Line.

  1. Great post Sara and I completely understand about this one. It’s such a fine line about two much or two little. No one can really answer that but you I’m glad you got everything situated though! 🙂 Love that singlet.

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