My life is super duper exciting….. HAHAHA

True Life Fact- My life is super exciting. Haha I’m just joking it’s totally not.  It’s an average amount of exciting like everyone else’s.  In fact I’ve even been semi-productive this weekend thus far.

This is what I have yet to accomplish: Homework.  I’ll probably start it today and finish it up tomorrow.  On the plus side it’s really not that much and compared to last weekend’s it’s nothing!

However, I have managed to clean my room, my bathroom, the kitchen, AND I vacuumed th whole house-WIN! So that felt pretty damn productive.

Other than that though I’ve mostly been doing little things that I haven’t gotten to get to.  For instance, my nails:

I always do 1 finger nail out of the 10 a different color than the rest.  It’s like a superstitious thing.  Especially before races, I always make sure I repaint my nails and that one is a different color, I like to believe it brings me luck or something.  Plus my nails are usually pink because it’s my favorite color.

I even managed to paint my toe nails too!

Usually I stick to dark colors so as to not draw attention to my grimey feet, but I decided to do nice bright colors today to jazz things up.

Also, my sorority dorm stormed in order to raise more money for Relay for Life.  We raised a total of around $285 dollars just by going door to door asking for loose change.  I was really excited/happy/proud of everyone for doing such a great job.  Unfortunately since I am in charge of this operation I had to count all the coins.  This is what it looked like last night before I sorted it all and counted it:

It might not look like a lot, but believe me it was. Anywho, it took a few hours for me to sort it all and then count it.  I thought my eyes were going to fall out from all the coins, but hey what can you do?

So yeah, basically it was very successful.  Also, I ran yesterday before I had to dorm storm and I’ve started increasing my runs on Saturdays so that by the time my half marathon rolls around in April I’m ready.  I did a total of 4 miles this Saturday and it took me around 35 minutes, which wasn’t the time that I wanted at all. I wanted to be around 32-33 minutes, but I’m just going to have to keep working at it so that I can hopefully beat my time from last year.  Last years, half marathon I got; 2:14:35.  I’m hoping to beat that by at least 14 minutes this year, I’m trying to get it under 2 hours, which I think I have a good chance of doing.  So yeah that’s basically all of the excitement that’s happened thus far this weekend. 

After my meeting today I’ll probably try to go swimming and do some homework.  And I think I even want to try to go to the Stitch and Bitch on my campus because I haven’t knitted in forever.  So yeah, that’s basically it. I’ll fill you in if anything super exciting happens with the rest of my day today.  But until later, TTFN.


5 thoughts on “My life is super duper exciting….. HAHAHA

  1. Love your nails – especially your toes. I’m all about crazy colors. It’s not unusual for me to have rainbow nails. You actually reminded me that I need to repaint them! I find that toe nail polish stays on FOREVER yet it comes off my fingers so fast.

  2. hmmm, don’t worry my life is prolly more boring than ur’s! 🙂

    pretty nails…fun stuff, but congrats on all that money raised!! that is so awesome and u helped out such a worthy cause.

    don’t worry about not feeling so hot on that last run, not all runs feel awesome, but it’s just a matter of putting in the work and consistency. u’ll do awesome at that half…keep it up! 🙂

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