I’m Ready, Bring it!

Well I had a kickass swim yesterday.  Yes I said it; KICKASS.  I managed to swim 3,500 yards which equals around 2 miles.  I’m not gonna lie I mean it took me some time, I did it in around 1 hour and like 10 minutes.  So yeah to say the least I felt pretty good about this swim, mostly because that’s the most I’ve ever swam before and also because I didn’t feel that bad at the end.  Going off of that I had some RUDE individual who decided it’d be a lovely idea to stand in the middle of the lane with his young daughter so that they could splash about and have oh so much fun.  Regardless of the fact that you know I was using the lane to… oh I don’t know… swim laps.  I was quite annoyed because my lane was one of 2 that had swimmers actually swimming the other 4 had parents and their children.  So REALLY DUDE?  But I believe that I have fully vented now and that it is out of my system.  Whew!

So onwards to the rest of my day.  I ate food and accomplished very little homework, but that is ok because I have time to do it today.  Along with that I had time last night to watch my 2 favorite shows; Once Upon A Time and The Walking Dead.  Complete ends of the spectrum I know, but I digress….

Anywho, I went over to my friend’s suite to watch the Walking Dead and my friend wasn’t there even though he told me we were watching together.  Luckily I’m friends with everyone in the suite so I got to have bonding time with one of the guys; Nate. 

We watched the show and (spoiler alert) they killed off one of my favorite characters and it was scary and such so I was freaking out and crying and Nate was looking at me because I don’t think he knew what to do with a crying Sara so he just said; “Wanna fight?”  Hahah so we ended up getting in a fight, FYI Nate and I usually like to fight and beat the crap out of each other.  Anywho, he ended up tickling me and then pinning me and threatening to spit on me- Not ok.  Spit is gross.  But I just loved how he didn’t know what to do with crying Sara so we had to fight.  Hahah it worked though I stopped crying because he was tickling me. 

That was my excitement for last night.  This morning all I’ve done so far is run 2.5 miles, which ended up going a lot faster, usually the miles kinda drag on, but today I was feeling pretty good.  We shall see how I do tomorrow.  So now I must head off to the merry ole land of classes and meetings and all such nonsense.  I hope everyone has a lovely day!

Until later, TTFN.


3 thoughts on “I’m Ready, Bring it!

  1. dang, i’d be a big prune after that swim!! but honestly, i hate when people are just oblivious to the fact that they are totally impeding my workout. i’ve been aqua-jogging (injured, so already in a bad mood! haha) and kids are flipping noodles in my face, i want to just grab the noodle and beat them! 😛

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