Blah Random Blah

That is how I feel right now.  My life is kinda a countdown of randomness at the moment waiting for spring break to start.

This is going to be me with my epic base and tan lines.  NO LIE. I’m quite white in that if I try to tan……… I burn.  So you’ll see lovely pictures of me after spring break all burned to a crisp.  Not intentionally mind you, I use SPF 85, because I’m amazing.  Regardless, I still burn.  I’ve come to terms with it. Onto the next random topic I have in my head this morning. 

Stairs- I always seem to fall up them.  Like today for example, on my way up the stairs to the gym, everything is going lovely and then all of a sudden, I’m going down.  How I manage to do it is something I’ll never figure out, but then again I’m very clumsy so really it’s kinda normal.

Um what else should I not fascinate y’all with this morning? Oh why don’t I talk about my run.  It was crappy to say the least.  Well that’s a lie.  It wasn’t completely crappy.  I finally managed to remember to cover the mileage with something while I ran so I didn’t stare at it every 10 seconds, which made my run go by so much faster.  So I’m trying to be positive about it because even though my time isn’t where I want it to be and my legs felt like total crap on this run.  I can at least take a little pride in the fact that I’m already showered and such by the time most people are getting up. 

So haha people, I’m productive.  Which brings me to my next random topic, well quote more or less.  It’s from Kenny Moore and he says;”It was mano a mano.  The last great practitioner of this was George Young.  He got up in the morning and thought ‘God damn it, those Russians have been training for hours.’  He thought of that every morning.  He is, as I am now, more objective about it.”

I just thought it was a good/funny quote because obviously they’ve been training for hours they’re ahead of us time-wise.  But you can see my thought process here….hopefully.

So regardless of the fact that I believe my run absolutely sucked this morning, I’m going to try to stay positive and be more “objective” about it.  Because who knows maybe after a few more weeks of training every day, my thought process will be more along these lines:

So until later,TTFN.


5 thoughts on “Blah Random Blah

  1. Oh my gosh I always trip up the stairs. And down them. But I don’t burn easy so that’s something to be happy about. There was one summer that I did though – I’m not quite sure why – and it was awful so I feel for ya.

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