The time has come my friends

The time has come….for spring break to start.  I’ve been very productive today thus far.  I’ve worked out (I only ran 1.5 miles, but I’ll get to that later), I clean the WHOLE house, I’ve done my laundry, I’ve finished packing, and now I’m just waiting to go eat and go to my class then I’m going to leave! SO EXCITED!

Story of my life this weekend, just because I’m going to relax for the first time in forever.

Anywho, so back to my workout, I’m still in my running funk of mileage/time.   However, I’m going to be in Florida all spring break and I think it’s exactly what I need.  I need to not run inside, have beautiful weather, be able to run barefoot.  And most importantly enjoy my running since I won’t have to schedule it in.  I obviously have to schedule when I’m going to run because my schedule is so hectic.  So it will be nice to have a week when I can run whenever I want, outside, and not have to worry about classes and such.  Basically, I think this spring break is exactly what I needed.  So I’m hoping for positive things to come from it.

So that’s basically it for right now.  I mean honestly nothing too exciting is going on.  I don’t know if anyone else has break right now or is just taking a vacation but I hope you get to thoroughly enjoy it.  So I have a question for y’all today:  What do you do to revamp your running when you’re in a funk?

So that’s it, until later TTFN.


3 thoughts on “The time has come my friends

  1. let the break begin! 🙂 i’m jealous of u going to FL!! hehe, have a blast. 🙂

    running funks happen, but like u said the change of scenery will do u wonders. just go out there and have fun exploring the new environment and that usually helps distract u from the watch and wondering how far u’ve gone. have to say, treadmill miles can be a bit brain numbing. 😛

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