My patient Blogging B’s!

I’m terribly sorry for no new updates for the past few days.  My grandparent’s internet is terribly slow so it takes me hours if not a day or two to get a post together with all the pictures and all that jazz.  So unfortunately I will not have any spring break updates until Saturday probably.  So if y’all could be terribly patient with me and wait I would appreciate it tons! And you will be rewarded with a super ridiculous photobombed post that will encompass like 6 days worth of pictures and jam-packed fun. ❤  So thanks for being patient and to give you a little somethin’ something’ to tide you over, here’s a picture I snapped today walking back from the pool to my grandparent’s house:

Fyi this picture took me like 20 minutes to upload- no joke.  Anywho, I thought it was hilarious the first day I got here.  15 1/2 really? You couldn’t make the speed limit like 15 or 20 even? Nooooo that’d be too easy.  It needs to have a 1/2 to throw people off!

Anyways, I hope that tad bit of ridiculousness will hold y’all off until I can put a more substantial post up.  Once again, thanks for being patient y’all!
Until later, TTFN.


3 thoughts on “My patient Blogging B’s!

  1. hahaha that sign is great!! Not like I ever adhere to the speed limit anyway.. they can get as precise as they want and I’m probably not gonna listen. Enjoy your break!

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