Oh you know… The usual.

So as you know, it’s only been a few days since break ended.  However, I’m back in the swing of things…erh well.. I’m waking up earlier now- 5:30 am to be exact (except for Today, I decided to sleep till 6).  Anywho, I’m getting up earlier so I can do double workouts in the morning.  This means that I’m going to bed at like 9:30-10,more like 9-9:30, so that I get lots of sleep in.  What does this mean for a busy girl like me?   Well it means prioritizing.  Classes and scheduled commitments come first, unfortunately friends come second.  I still see my friends, just not to the point where I can sit around for like 4 hours and shoot the shit.  So going off of that, our pledges made us posters, I felt terrible because I kept not being able to meet the girl who made mine.  I think she just got fed up with me because when I woke up this morning it was outside my door.  It’s straight up beautiful! She put everything I love on it.  Don’t worry, I took a picture.  And here it is:

Isn’t it awesome?  It has pictures on it like; my favorite food, my music artists that I like, running-lots of it!, my favorite movie of all time, etc.

Anyways, it was very lovely of her to make this for me and I don’t think I can thank her enough.  So anywho, I must go workout now.
I’ll talk to y’all later, until then TTFN.


3 thoughts on “Oh you know… The usual.

  1. awww, that’s so awesome!! hey, friends will understand school and craziness getting in the way because they know eventually they’ll be able to steal u back for more hang out time! but know that wat u’ve going on now is IMPORTANT stuff. 🙂

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