Once A Runner is now my Bible.

True LIfe Fact: Once A Runner by John L. Parker, Jr. is now my Bible. I’m saying this because my first timed run in like 2 weeks went really well.  I had a race today, that’s put on by my school called the Shamrock 5k, however I had a meeting around the same time so I couldn’t actually run in the race.  So instead I ran the course in the morning and made it my first timed run in a few weeks.  I ran it in a time of 26:19, which is not only my best 5k time now by about 5 seconds, it’s also a better time by 2 minutes compared to what I ran the course in last year.

So, needless to say I’m terribly excited that my untimed runs have actually been working.  I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical of not timing, but now I guess there’s proof.

<——————— So this has definitely become my bible.  Not only because of the untimed runs idea, but also because its just an awesome book.  I highly recommend anyone who hasn’t read it to do so.
So that’s it for now, I have a midterm to finish that’s due today in a few hours.  So until later, TTFN.


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