Oh boy oh boy. What a productive-esc time.

Alrighty peoples.  Yesterday was Friday and I had no classes!  My one class on Fridays was cancelled so that was super exciting.  So I did things that always occupy my normal exciting life.  I cleaned, did laundry, went to a meeting, ate food, and campaigned a little.  Speaking of which…………. I need to make my fliers.  But that’s a different topic.  Oh and I finally tried the Artisana butters- soooooooooooooooo good!  I even took a picture! They look a little odd because they are raw so they aren’t like as smooth as peanut butter, but they’re still delicious.  So here a pic of my little snack:

Yesterday was also…..RELAY FOR LIFE!  As I sit here writing this I should probably warn y’all that I’m running off of 3 hours of sleep.  All that I got since around 6:30 this morning because that is the first time I went to bed……….So if this doesn’t make much sense, sorry. Anywho, it was a great time, I did it last year albeit not part of a sorority team.

It was….shall we say….difficult to get sisters to do their part and take their turn walking.  So me, the pledges, and a like 3 sisters did the majority of the work.  Needless to say, this is not acceptable and I’m going to be bringing it up at our weekly meeting.  It made for unneccessary frustrations and there was some unprofessional type behaviour.  But on a positive note the pledges were almost the best out of everyone.  They walked the longest, didn’t complain, got the least amount of sleep (next to me of course), and were simply very good.  It’s sad to me that pledges put forth more effort in a service event, when they aren’t even technically in the house compared to sisters that are.  But that’s enough of that rant.   Oh this is Brittany, she’s kinda adorable and is one of my pledges:

Oh ok, so Relay was held in our field house.  And in the field house there is a rock wall……I now like this rock wall.  I climbed up all the way to the top, albeit on the easy side.  But hey, I’m pretty proud of that because I’ve never done that before.  Even though I had a little kid straight up whopping my ass on the whole thing, but she was adorable so it’s ok.  Anywho, I took a picture of the wall and here it is!

Ok so this is actually a picture of the medium side, which I tried but I only made it like half way up.  Which is ok, because I tied with my friend Dan who was racing me and climbing the hard side- fyi Dan is a butthead.  I actually met him from going to the NGLA conference, yeah he’s that Dan.  Haha but he’s a fun time.  Oh, I also campaigned a lot at the beginning, spreading my name around and telling people to vote for me.  I believe that I want the SGA Vice-Presidency bad enough that I can win, regardless of the fact that I’m running against like 4 candidates.  So that’s pretty much it for now.  I’m super hungry and so I’m going to go make myself some pancakes ;). 

Oh and last quick tidbit- I’m going to see the Hunger Games tonite so I’ll let everyone know if it was good or not!
Until later, TTFN.


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