And if I’m elected……free hugs for everyone!

So here’s the lowdown.  I’ve been doing networking to the best of my abilities, which to be honest I feel like my networking skills aren’t that great.  But, I’ve been going around telling people to vote for me for SGA Vice-President.  I even went to ISC and AGC to talk to the greek community.  It appears that after I left talking at AGC last night, they all pretty much unanimously voted that they were going to vote for me.  Mostly, because I’m a greek and they think it’d be a great thing to have a greek on the SGA E-board.  But hey all I care about is votes, which kinda makes me feel like:

Haha I’m probably not really, I just like to think so.  Anywho…. I had my backpacking class for the 2nd time this semester (it only meets like 6 times) and we were doing compass orienteering.  My group thought we were doing really bad, but we ended up doing fairly well, so I feel confident in myself to not get completely lost on the backpacking trip next weekend. 🙂

Speaking of orienteering.  I ran a little over 4 miles yesterday and I ended partially doing a route I’d never thought to do before.  So I’m very excited by my new-found running route in dear old Potsdam.

Can’t you tell I’m excited?

Haha joking! This is the picture I took to put on my campaign posters.  I took it just to be semi-professional so that I don’t have some really awkward photo or anything.  Whatever, it’s the best I could do.  Anywho, I have to start getting ready for my run and start doing a variety of things that need doing before the day starts. 

So I hope everyone has a awesomesauce type day.  Until later, TTFN.


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