The Pros and Cons of being Liked ;P/My life should be a sitcom/You gotta love friends/AND OMG!

Haha yes there are pros and cons of people liking you.  I think so anyways.  Anywho,  I mean if you aren’t being completely fake in everything you do; I feel that people will easily like you because your natural colors shine through.

Just fyi this was supposed to signal fake—————————–>

Like a doll……….get it? Haha you don’t have to, it amused me. Anyways… I guess I make a good impression on people because in general people like me, I’m not trying to be egotistical or like anything I’m just saying, and because of that, when I get along with people and do a good job they want to nominate me and send me to things…. And when you get along with a lot of people and do things well… a LOT of people want to nominate you for things and send you places. 
So remember how I said I’d be less busy next semester because I’d be getting rid of positions at the end of this semester? Yeah, well it seems I’ve been doing too good of a job with my life. I am being nominated for positions out the butt (not including SGA because I bugged Alyssa until she nominated me)

Anywho, I move onto the next topic of interest in the title post.  My life could legit be a sitcom.  So today I got lunch, and promptly proceeded to spill my clam chowder down the front of my jeans.  Although it dried before class, my legs proceeded to reek of fish for 2 hours.  Yay me!  Then I bit my tongue….  Honestly I’m surprised I can get up and dress myself in the morning sometimes.

I deserve this award————————————–>

So yes, that was a quick little blurb.  And now onto the last part: You gotta love friends.  And it’s true you do.  I just found out that someone had drawn on one of my campaign posters from my 1 friend Aaron.  I have 2 campaign posters, but this is the picture that they drew on:

Apparently I received a lovely unibrow and a few teeth were unfortunately missing.  But this lovely woman right here:

named Morgan, who is not only 1 of my best friends, but also 1 of my pledge sisters took the flyer down and didn’t tell me so that I wouldn’t know someone had drawn on my flyer and doubted myself.  And for that I say You gotta love friends, and more importantly I love Morgan.

I mean at first my thought was; “Man, someone drew on my face, I feel bad about myself a bit, I’m not sure if I feel as confident type deal.”  But my next thought was; ” My god, Morgan cares about me that much that she didn’t want to tell me someone drew on my face, and took the flyer down so I wouldn’t see it and get discouraged.”

And that’s why I love my morgan.

And now onto the last part- Oh My GOD!!!!!

So I ordered a pair of compression socks like last week in pink.  So I’ve been waiting anxiously for them to come.  1. Because I’ve had problems with tightness in my calves and 2. I’ve been wondering about them because of all they hype. 

So I got them in pink, and here they are:

They are lovely, it took me awhile to get them on because they are compression socks, but they are super comfy.

This is me with them on……….

Once again, it took awhile.  But it’s ok because they are super comfy, they are for day-to-day used since I run barefoot/ with vibrams.

So yeah that’s all the excitement that’s happening in my life right now.  So until later, TTFN.


4 thoughts on “The Pros and Cons of being Liked ;P/My life should be a sitcom/You gotta love friends/AND OMG!

  1. i’m loving morgan too!! u kno u have a true friend in her and forget the losers to marred ur pic…and really, who the ‘eff needs people like that in the world, don’t even let them get to u. hey, u’re rocking some killer pink socks and that makes u way cooler than they will ever be. 🙂

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