If you change your mind…….

My post title is totally ABBA inspired today.  Anywho, you are looking at your new SGA Vice-President.  Yup that’s right, I said it.  I won!  So I’m super excited/nervous.  I think I’ll do a good job, it might take me a week or two to get used to the new responsibilities and other such nonsense, but overall I’m excited.

Ok, that’s enough bragging and such.  Moving on……. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter, so Happy Easter, since I didn’t say it on the day, since I was in the woods.

Ok the woods, so for my backpacking class we needed to do a 5 day trip in the woods.  We were split up into various groups depending upon how much you wanted to hike, I did the 5o miler, which really ended up being only 30 miles, but I digress…

Anywho, I shall try to break it down day by glorious day so bare with me as this will be a semi-long post.

Day1- So the 1st day wasn’t really a full day.  We hiked in about 3 miles around 5 o’clock.  It was just to get into the woods, we camped pretty much pristine like the whole time.   For those of you who don’t know, pristine camping is when you camp in non-designated areas aka pristine areas, and you don’t leave a trace that you were there.  So the first night we got in late, so we pretty much were setting up camp in the dark and the cold.  I had like 4 layers on mind you, but I definitely remembered to take some pictures!  This is our tent all flat on the ground, I’d like to mention that our tent had no floor, it was a no floor tent.

And this is it all set up. Notice the light change, the sun set pretty quickly the first day.  And it got REALLY cold very quickly.

I had like 4 layers on every night to try to keep warm, it didn’t usually work.  In the back is one of my tent-mates, Alex.

The next day we hiked a total of 8 miles. 6.5 miles were on the trail and 1.5 miles were up and down Cat Mountain.  I had to have someone tighten my waist belt for me every time I put on my pack and this morning my professor broke it when he did it.  We did some outdoors type fixing of my pack so it was ok.   My poor broken buckle, it wasn’t it’s fault it broke.  Here’s what we found on top of Cat Mountain.  There were also a lot of solar panels above it, which you can see.

Anywho, we spent some time on top of the mountain, there were some really great views.  I mean I totally took pictures like a champion.   So let me amaze you with those pictures.

gorgeous views! And honestly there wasn’t really too much of a wind until we were leaving.

I had my leader aka professor take a picture of all of us.  From left to right: Zeb, Alex, Me, Ryan, Blake, Corey (assistant Leader), and Evan.

It was a good 1st full day/2nd day.  That night we managed to sleep in a lean-to.  It was great because I got to sleep between Ryan and Blake and they partially kept me warm during the night, plus Blake let me use his jacket (it’s camo and awesome) almost the whole trip and it was really warm.

This is the lean-to, ryan was kinda in it when I was taking the picture.  I was in charge of making the fire at camp.  And what a beautiful fire I made!

After the initial setting of the fire and collecting fire wood, I then let the boys handle collecting wood for the rest of the night, because they’re oooh so strong! Tehee and because I didn’t want to do it.

I photobombed everyone while at the lean-to.  We all got nicknames on this trip…. except for Blake, I’m not sure why…….. Anywho, this is Evan aka Silent MountainThis is Zeb (on the left) aka Double O Zeblin<- cool nickname huh?

 This next one is Ryan, I gave him his nickname of funny man because he literally had us cracking up that night for like 2 hours with all the stories he was telling us.  He apparently used to be allergic to milk so he had to have soy everything.  Yeah, let’s just say you wouldn’t want to smell any of the gas he produces, thankfully I never had to on this trip, instead we just all smelled each other because we stunk! Funny Man——->

If anyone has seen Boondock Saints, you’ll understand the nickname.  Moving right along, here’s Blake, who never got a nickname.

And I have no idea why I don’t have a picture of Alex, but his nickname is Man with two names.  Oh, and I almost forgot! My nickname is wrestles with buckles because I could never get my belts and buckles by myself.

Moving along, the next day we pristine camped again, and we got to have a fire again.  At the fire everyone was making fun of me because I was falling asleep on Blake at like 8:30, but hey you try hiking 8 miles with a 40 lb. pack and not being tired.  I just got tired easier than the boys.  Anywho, I then got to be between Ryan and Blake again around the fire and fell asleep, then we all went to sleep.  My tent buddies and I had an epic camping spot, it looked like this:

The next morning when we woke up the surrounding landscape looked like this;

Yeah, that’s right.  It snowed during the night.  SNOWED!  It was ridiculous! So remember our spot? Yea well now it looked like this:

The leaves are where our tent was and the snow is where it snowed….. obviously.  So yea it continued to snow all day which then turned into sleet, which then turned into rain…. lovely.  Needless to say, I was not a happy camper and proceeded to curse out mother nature.  But that’s completely besides the point.  This was the last full day of hiking so by like 3:3o ish we made it to the final camping area, this is where all the groups (1-6) met for the last night.  But it was miserable and raining, half the groups left like right away, hiked the 3 miles out and went home.  The rest of us stayed.  I’m not going to lie- it wasn’t my best moment.  But I complained hardcore that I wanted to leave, I mean everything I had was soaked, my sleeping bag was wet, I was freezing, it was straight up ridiculous.  So I guess enough people complained to my professor because he let 1 more group of 10 leave.  Guess who was in that group??? ME! And I will never take a shower, a bed, and a legit toilet for granted ever again.  I thought I was going to cry when I saw them/used them.

Anywho, I had to meet the group the next day to grab my equipment and such when they got back.  The boys were a little upset with me for having clean clothes on and such while they stunk and were cold.  I did feel bad about that.  Sidenote:  sorry I’m not saying which day is which anymore, I forgot and I don’t feel like going back.

Moving on–  I took pictures with all of them the next day.  So I will end with my photoboming my pictures with all of them, except Evan because he didn’t want to. Zeb and I, fyi I love making people take pictures with me, regardless if they actually want to or not. 😛  Up next:

Blake and I, I used him as my pillow while we were waiting to finish up being checked off, he’s quite comfy.

Up next, Ryan and I.  We took a different picture but I told him it didn’t look good so he had to take another picture with me. True Life Fact: I will force you to take multiple pictures until I get one that I like. 🙂

And finally Alex and I, since as I said before, Evan refused to take a picture- RUDE! He’s the only happy looking one out of all these pictures!
But that’s pretty much the gist of my Easter break.  Oh, I saw 21 jump street  with some of my sisters on Tuesday night, it was hilarious and a very quotable movie.  I definitely recommend seeing it.  So I believe that’s it for now, so until later TTFN.


7 thoughts on “If you change your mind…….

  1. Congrats!! You’re gonna be an awesome VP! Backpacking class sounds really cool, but definitely intense. I definitely wouldn’t be happy in the cold either. I bet showering after that felt amazing!

  2. okay, first off CONGRATS!!!! if u didn’t win i woulda had to come there and stuff the ballot and demand a redo. 😉 jk…second, how can u not adore ABBA?? just saying…hehe.

    looks like u had an awesome Easter…that’s wat i like to see. 🙂

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