I so solemnly swear……… that that was scary.

So last night I was sworn into office in front of the SGA Senate.  Not going to lie, I was a little worried I would screw up repeating my oath, but somehow I managed to make it through.  I then got to sit up where the E-board sits.  I felt super cool and powerful.  And I also felt seriously glad that I didn’t have to run meeting that night because I honestly don’t know if I would’ve been able to do it.  But moving on………..

Tonite was SGA Assembly, and Vice-President runs assembly.  I was under the impression that I would only be running the end part, well………. Ryan ended up telling me that I was running the whole thing about 2 minutes before meeting….. yeah………..  I’m not going to lie, I screwed up a bit in the beginning, I was kinda nervous.  Marcus (now current treasurer) sat next to me and helped me a bit.  So even though he probably doesn’t read this- Thanks Marcus! Also, one of the other now current E-board members, who sat next to me during Senate said I did a good job, considering not too many weeks ago I was asking him how to make a motion.  So coming from him, that’s high praise. So….Thanks Zack! Moving along, I have a gavel… well a shared gavel.

However, I was informed by Ryan (the old v.p, now current pres) that I can have my own gavel ordered.  So that is what I intend to do… I want a gavel ;P
Now going off of that, I received the keys to all important things today.  I got the key to my office, the SGA office, and the union.  So I’m a V.I.P now.  And all V.I.P’s need what? What you ask? Well they need offices!

This is me at my desk……… and my body-guard…… haha not a real body-guard, just my friend Victor trying to pretend to make me feel cool.  Not going to lie, I’m terribly excited.  It all feels a bit surreal, but I’ll definitely get used to it quick.  Don’t worry I’ll have more pictures of my office up once it’s organized and decorated. Ryan moved out today and the walls are pretty much bare and I legit don’t have anything in it.  So I shall save the pictures until I get settled.  So I believe that is it for now, I have a list of things that I must accomplish.  So until later, TTFN.


One thought on “I so solemnly swear……… that that was scary.

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