Ooooh sometimes….I get a feeling.

I’m in this rut right now, where I kinda hate almost everyone.  Well……..hate is a strong word, ok I don’t hate everyone.  I just think I’m surrounded by idiots.  I know that’s terrible to say but I don’t care but I’m highly aggravated.  Whatever, the feelings of annoyance will probably pass and if they don’t? Oh well.  Probably one of the few people I don’t hate/think is an idiot is my sister Danielle.  Let me tell you our story from last night.  After hardcore complaining to her in the car on the way to our Function, we got to the party.  Neither of us were drinking and it wasn’t that great regardless.  We were outside and we managed to sneak away from the party. 

This picture was pretty much my life last night.  Except no one caught us sneaking away.  We almost peed our pants because we’d never snuck away from a party before and we were like giddy with excitement.  We called it the most fun we had since pledging!  I love my Danielle.  We decided that the only good thing we’ve gotten out of the sorority is each other. I must warn you: I’m quite irritable and cranky so it sounds like my sorority sucks super bad………..well it does, but still it’s not that bad.  Danielle and I are just in the same rut right now.  It’s ok though because we have plans for our house which will throw it upside down!

So I have to go to a stupid fundraising thing today all freaking day for my sorority.  So that will be lovely.  So I must go and make myself look appropriate for this amazing (sarcastic) event.  So until later, TTFN.


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