I have BIG Plans for myself.

It’s true. I do.  I really do have big plans for myself.  Like I was sitting in a documentary viewing today (for my club/Earth Week) and I had an aha type moment.   The documentary was called Ingredients, and it’s all about local/organic/sustainable agriculture.  And up until this point I have wanted to go into Environmental Law (as I’ve stated before), but I haven’t had any real idea what I’ve wanted to focus on.  And I’ve finally figured it out…I want to promote sustainable agriculture. 

I wrote down something for myself on a piece of paper.  It is:

For those of you who can’t really see/read it, it says; One day: I will take down Big Food Corporations like Monsanto.  For those of you who don’t know, Monsanto is one of 3 companies that owns GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms).  This basically gets rid of any sort of diversity in our crops, so that if they were to be destroyed we’d be royally screwed…. just saying.    Anywho,  I called my mom to tell her of my epiphany, but apparently the way I’ve been talking it was completely obvious.  Well ok, I guess it was just an aha moment to me.  Moving right along…. I was sitting there, after I had that moment, and thought; “Well damn, I’m SGA V.P and I’m only a sophomore moving into a junior.  Hell, I can definitely do President after if I do a good job.” So yeah, basically that’s my next goal….. just saying.

I believe I’ve said it here before, and if I haven’t well, I’m saying it now.  I love not matching/having ridiculous color combos/bright colors on.  So my outfit today made me super happy.  I wore this lovely thing:

The colors are a little dull in the picture……… tehehe ok, maybe not.  Regardless, I had a fun time with these colors today. 
Now moving along, I learned a few more skills today that pertain to my new job- I”m really moving along! But everything I had going today made me a little cray cray.  So this was pretty much my face all day:

Beautiful? I think yes!  And what would my day be without seeing the President Ryan Williams at least 20+ times?
Well, it wouldn’t be a normal day that’s what!

No, but I’m serious.  I practically spend all my time with this guy.  It’s getting a little ridiculous, but hilarious at the same time.  And I’m pretty sure that he thinks I”m mad stoops when it comes to the computer because I’ve asked his help with it like 15 times now….

I’d like to defend myself here by saying:  I’m not stupid, I’m just technologically challenged. 
Now I may rest my case.

Anywho, it is time for me to be productive so I shall say goodbye. So until later, TTFN.


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