Being fancy and stress.

So a few days ago was the Greek award ceremony for the whole Greek community.  It was a semi-long process, I mean there are like 300 of us 😛  Anywho, I got a plaque for the Rising Star Award which means that I have come a long way in terms of leadership.  Also, I got honorable mention for Outstanding Leadership, which was saying you were breaking down stereotypes by being involved in so many activities outside the Greek community.  It was a fun like 2?ish hours and to prove that I’m not lying about the plaque thing, here’s a picture:

And yes, it is hung up in my office.  It’s because I’m cool like that, and because I wanted to fill up my walls more.  Speaking of my office, as promised now that I’ve pretty much fully moved in I shall photobomb you with lovely pictures.  Here is one from my desk (so you can see how I feel when people walk in):

Yes, it’s quite messy, mostly because I like to keep everything where I can see it.  Moving along to the walls/chalkboard of itinirary:

This has all my meetings and everythign on it so it keeps me on track all week.  And I decorated my walls a bit:

A lovely picture of Central Park in NYC, because I believe in having a little bit of nature everywhere.  Plus, one of my newer sisters promised me a rock from there so it makes me terribly excited. 🙂 And another wall picture:

Sustainable practices people, sustainable practices.  And that’s all I have to say about that.  I had another picture, but it won’t upload so…. sorry but oh well.

And finally what people see as they walk into my office. Me usually being all official at my desk.  So that’s that.

  Moving along, I hurt my foot somehow after my half and I can’t really figure out what’s wrong.  My best guess has been either bruised bone/muscle or I pulled a muscle.  I was worried because it hurt to walk but I haven’t run in a week and it’s a lot better, not 100% yet, but a lot better.  So I’m not too worried anymore.  I’m just going to continue to take some time off and take it slow,  I want to still be able to run my marathon in June.

Moving, moving along again. 😛  I was in my office doing work last night/taking a break.  And I ended up Facebook creeping on the guy I work with, I thought I was safe because he wasn’t supposed to be back till later, low and behold he walks into my office and comes – – close to catching me Facebook creeping- lesson learned; no more Facebook at the office.  Nevertheless, it was a fun time, and it’s weird to say I missed the weirdo.  I’ve gotten used to seeing his face everyday so it was nice to see him on the weekend.  With that I am a terribly busy girl again this week and must head off. I hope everyone has a lovely day and until later TTFN.


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