On summer vacation running.

I’m having the most fun running right now.  Since I’ve started summer break I’m not as busy with 50 bagillion things (yes that is a real number) so I have time to run whenever I want.  I would very much like to emphasis the word whenever.   Because it’s kinda a glorious word, I’m just saying. So pretty much the majority of my days go as follows; wake up, watch tv/movies, knit, putz around, eat, and then run whenever.  It’s glorious!  I’m enjoying running for however long/short I want because I don’t have to micromanage when I can run.  I mean relatively yes.. as in morning or night or hmmm maybe even go crazy and do the afternoon! But besides that I don’t have to have a specific time. 

This is my foot.  It’s kinda crooked,but I think y’all can deal.  I decided to take a picture of its gloriousness after the first half of my run.  This is because it represents something else I love about summer…..barefoot running! I have to recallus my feet again so I only did a mile, but I have missed it and it felt wonderful.  My friend Bonna and I are barefoot runners, she is far more than I am.  Her feet are like rawhide! I love her though and her ridiculously hard feet.

That brings me to my next point which has nothing to do with feet or running, so this segway is sorta a segway in itself, but I digress…

I am up for a little next semester! Yes I know I’ve been quite cranky lately about my sorority, but I mostly was having a rough patch and God bless those girls because they put up with me.  So things are going better and speaking of going better I had a lovely impromptu Skype date with my pledge sis/triplet Amanda tonite.

She is quite lovely.  I took like 5 pictures of her without her knowing then she figured it out and made me take a good picture.  Regardless, I love her so it’s ok. Even though she’s weird…. but then again I am too so I guess it’s ok.

Anywho, I am up for a little which means I’ve started getting my Big/Little stuff ready for whomever the lucky girl will be.  And one of the first steps in that is fabric!  To cover her book and for her to get letters once she makes me a Big/Little pillow.  Speaking of, I need to make my Big one, which I figured I should do before I get a Little so I got fabric for that too. My Big’s favorite color is blue so I found a really pretty one.

The light blue is for my little, the darker blue is for my Big.  The pink… well that’s for my Big’s pillow but it’s also for me and projects I need it for.  But that’s because I love pink to the highest degree.

Anywho, those two things are on my list of to-do’s for this summer.  Thank God summer has only just begun- I’ve already got so much to do! 

Which another thing is my quilt.  I make random squares of yarn using different patterns and such just to test my skills or the yarn.  And I usually end up adding it to my work-in-progress quilt.  So my goal this summer is to add more to it and maybe make it an actual useable length.  Right now it’s sorta a smallish square.  So those are some of my non-running related goals for the summer.  I figured I’d throw them in here while it was still early because as the summer progresses and I get more into races and training that will probably end up being the main focus of a lot of my blog posts.  So I believe I have exhausted myself for the night and I have a busy day tomorrow.

So until later,TTFN.


2 thoughts on “On summer vacation running.

  1. I would love to say that I have the pleasure to run whenever I want since its summer, but it looks like the summer heat is going to dictate how early I go out 😦

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