We have nothing to fear..

We have nothing to fear, but fear itself.  Oh and pain……… and spiders; they’re terrifying little beasts. No really,  I’ve been finding a lot of spiders in my house lately and while I’ve screamed in terror and demanded that my brother kill them for me he won’t do it.  So I’ve had to man up (not a lot) and kill them myself.  And they still freak me out, but that’s besides the main topic so I digress..

Anywho, a lot has gone on over the past few days.  1 thing is that I got my final grades for the semester, which I was terribly excited about.  I was aiming for an overall of 3.5 for this semester, which I didn’t get………… I got a 3.6! Woot Woot! So now my overall GPA is 3.35, which I am very happy about.  And my friend/sister Danielle is even more of a  Boss than I am- check her out on her blog.

Also, on Thursday I began running the STRS with the ARE.  The ARE is the Albany Running Exchange, which for those of you who don’t know, it’s a giant running group.  And the STRS is the Summer Trail Running Series, it happens every Thursday night and we meet at a certain trail and run around 3 miles, sometimes a little more sometimes a little less. And there are a total of 3 barbeques spread out over the course of the summer.  Well the first run included the 1st BBQ.  The food was delicious and definitely needed after the run.  We ran around 3 miles and the trail was very muddy in spots so I ended up taking my vibrams off a couple of times and running barefoot.  When I got home my mom made me take a shower right away, because well…. let me just show you. 

Yeah and that was just the front of my legs, you can imagine what the back of my legs looked like with the mud flying up.  But I had a lot of fun, this is only my 2nd year running with them and I always have fun and I met a lot of new nice people who I ran with and talked to, so maybe I’ll have lots of new running buddies!

Then my family went to my grandparent’s house in Pennsylvania this weekend for my grandma’s 70th birthday.  It was fun, I got to see my cousins that I don’t normally get to see.  However, I had to sleep on a tiny ass couch because all the beds were taken, my uncle Rob slept in the recliner next to me because we both didn’t have a bed.  Needless to say, when I got home I slept like a rock.

I managed to get a good workout in while at my grandparent’s because their whole neighborhood is hills so I ran to the pool and it was all uphill which was a good workout.  And then later my uncle Rob and I ran to the pool and then back so I went uphill the whole way again and then on the way all downhill (duh, what goes up, goes down).   So it was a fun weekend and I got to run so that’s always fun. 

That’s it for now, Until later TTFN.


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